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Well it is a lazy Friday afternoon. I’m not wanting to do too much work since I am about to go on holidays. I was doing some Googling and decided to check out what Google Trends had to say about Power Pivot Global Interest. Well good old Google has a neat way to let me embed their Google trends code into my blog as an interactive chart. So here it is:

For the sake of the exercise, I have combined PowerPivot (the original term) with “Power Pivot” (the new official term). What I find quite interesting is that Power Query has started late but is rapidly gaining ground/interest. It has gone from a background “noise” level of 2 to about 25 (12 fold increase) in less than 1 year. Power BI on the other hand has gone from a background noise level of 7 to 28 (4 fold increase) in the same period.

The other observation is that there is an annual down trend in interest in December.  I guess that is a reflection of the fact that people are thinking of Power Pivot as a business tool, and people tend to take their leave at this time of the year.

The sad thing about this chart is that the trends are linear. What I would like to see is something more exponential!

It will be interesting to see what happens into 2015.


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