Power Query for Excel and Power BI Online Training

Power Query is a revolutionary tool to help Excel and Power BI Professionals get easy access to the data they need to do their job.  Power Query is easy to learn, and you can super charge your learning experience with this Online Training course specifically targeted to you.

Introduction and Overview

The course has been (and continues to be) developed by Matt Allington (Microsoft MVP and Author of the book “Learn to Write DAX”).  The course is approximately 2/3rds complete and hence is now available for purchase.  The rest of the course will be built out over the coming weeks with much of this new content likely to be available before you even get to it (depending on how fast you go of course).

Free Preview – Tips for Watching Videos

Free Preview – When to Use Power Query?

Why Should I Purchase?

  • It has been designed and created Matt Allington (Microsoft MVP).
  • Matt is a true Power BI/Power Pivot/Power Query professional who understands business users AND the technology that can solve these problems. ie he understands you and your problems.
  • The training is all “example based” using relevant real live scenarios to teach you the tricks.
  • All the examples in the course are available to download so you can do the exercises too.  This will greatly assist your learning.
  • It is great value at US$250 for 12 months access to the online materials

Course Content Code

Course Content

Course Duration – 4 hrs. 50 min. (to date – additional modules coming up)

Module 1: Introduction to Power Query - 42 minutes
Lesson Key Topics Covered
Tips for Watching Videos5 minutes Structure of each lessonWatching the video on the websitePausing and doing some practiceFinding the section a second timeWatching the videos faster
Welcome to Power Query for Excel and Power BI3 minutes Intro to training and trainer
Power Query UI Walk Through13 minutes Versions of Power QueryWhere to downloadRibbon and button overviewFormula barAdvanced editorLoading data from Query EditorRe-editing workbook queries
When to Use Power Query?21 minutes Power BI DesktopShape your dataCleanse your dataEliminate repetitive processesAuditing information
Module 2: Loading From Data Sources - 89 minutes
Lesson Key Topics Covered
Data Sources Overview4 minutes Get & Transform commands in Excel 2016Various data sources for importing dataOffice 365 user optionsData Source SettingsQuery OptionsCreating a New Query – From TableClose & Load from Query EditorShow Queries Recent Sources
Importing Data from the Web12 minutes Finding the data you needSplit ColumnsCopying Queries to Power BI DesktopRefresh the data
Load Data From File19 minutes Importing data from a single CSV fileImporting data from an Excel fileUnpivoting columnsImporting multiple sheets from an Excel workbookCombining multiple CSV files
Load From SharePoint21 minutes Connecting to SharePointDifferences between Excel and Power BI DesktopManaging CredentialsImporting from listsImporting from document librariesNested tables of contentData formatting in Power Query
Load From A Database16 minutes Connecting to a DB (SQL Server)Select Related TablesNaming ConventionsJoining TablesQuery FoldingNative SQL Queries
Using Your Queries17 minutes Do not Load – reuse in other queriesPower Pivot/Power BIPower Pivot for Excel 2010Excel TablesDirect load to Pivot Tables
Module 3: Transforming Data - 66 minutes
Lesson Key Topics Covered
Power Transformations16 minutes Unpivot dataPivot dataTemporary unpivotingPivot text data
Working with Rows12 minutes Use First Row as HeaderRemoving Top and Bottom RowsFiltering RowsWorking with Duplicates
Pause to Check your Satisfaction You must be happy with the course and ready to proceed with other lessons.Just in case you are not you can stop here and ask for your money back.
Working with Columns22 minutes RemovingSplittingExtractingMergingDuplicatingNumerical ManipulationIndex ColumnsConditional Columns
Changing Data16 minutes Transpose your dataReordering columnsRemoving columnsChanging row orderReverse ordering
Module 4: Foundation Concepts - 33 minutes
Lesson Key Topics Covered
Reusing Queries10 minutes Disabling loadNew query from referenceCopying queriesNew queries from merge
Managing Queries8 minutes Reusing standard queriesCopying queries between applicationsUsing query foldersQuery dependency view
Joining Queries15 minutes AppendMergeJoin TypesGrouping and Summarizing
Module 5: Power Query Patterns - 50 minutes (Course Development in Progress)
Lesson Key Topics Covered
Appending Multiple Files19 minutes Combining .CSV filesCombining Excel FilesConverting Queries to FunctionsDifferences between Power BI and Excel
Appending Multiple Tabs13 minutes Importing multiple sheetsCombining multiple sheetsSpecial trick to rename columns with a relative reference
Creating a Calendar Table27 minutes Used for Power Pivot and Power BIStart from a blank queryCreate a list of dates Set the following editable fields – Start – Today – DurationBuild out the CalendarCopy and paste for reuse
Module 6: Tips & Tricks - (Course Development in Progress)
Lesson Key Topics Covered
Module 7: Advanced Concepts - (Course Development in Progress)
Lesson Key Topics Covered
Module 8: Tricky Examples - (Course Development in Progress)
Lesson Key Topics Covered

Additional Goodies

  • Course Material at the end of each lesson to follow through the examples given in the lesson.
  • Quiz at the end of each lesson to reinforce the concepts covered in the lesson.
  • Self-paced training with timestamps provided for all the topics to go through any specific section anytime.

Money Back Guarantee

Watch the first 12 lessons in the first 30 days. If you are not totally happy, simply contact Matt via the “contact the teacher” form to receive your money back. Any feedback is greatly appreciated but not required.

Ready to purchase? You can see the purchase online from my shop here and start learning immediately.

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