3 Book Power BI Starter Kit (updated) – $100 delivered

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Learn to Write DAX (includes free digital copy)

Learn to Write DAX (includes free digital copy)

Ships to Australia only.  For the USA, please purchase from Mr Excel in order to get the free Digital Copy with the Paperback.

Data analysis expressions (DAX) is the formula language of Power Pivot and Power BI. Simply reading a book is normally not enough to help Excel users learn DAX skills – you need to complete exercises and get plenty of practice to make the transition. This book is written to give you exactly that - hands-on practice. Inside you will find explanation of concepts, sample exercises and then practice questions and answers to maximize learning retention and experience.

Note:  If you purchase this book today, you will get an immediate download of the eBook.  The paperback version will be delivered in 1-2 weeks (Aus) or 3-4 weeks (USA) once it becomes available.  In the mean time you can start your reading with the digital version.

M is for Data Monkey (includes free digital copy)

M is for Data Monkey (includes free digital copy)

This is the Paperback version of the book.  Purchases from this shop also include a digital DRM Free version of the book in 3 formats, PDF, ePub and MOBI for immediate download at no extra cost.  The book normally ships the same day for delivery in 1-2 days (Australia only).

If you live outside of Australia, you can purchase the DRM Free version of this book here.

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Power Pivot and Power BI (includes free digital copy)

This is the second edition of the number 1 selling Power Pivot Book. This expanded 2nd edition includes DAX, Power Query, Power BI Desktop, PowerBI.com. Covers Excel 2010 through Excel 2016.

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Product Description

This product bundle includes the following 3 paper back books as well as a free Digital copy of each.

  • Learn to Write DAX – Matt Allington
  • Power Pivot and Power BI – Rob Collie, Avichal Singh
  • M is for data monkey – Ken Puls, Miguel Escobar


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