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Part 2 – Filtering Out BLANKS in a MEDIANX Measure Using DAX Studio

This article is a follow on from last week. I recommend you go back and read the article first if you missed it, but in summary, I want to write a measure (not a calculated column) that will return the median sales of products while excluding the products with blanks (no […]

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Advanced DAX Training

Demystifying DAX Online Training (Intermediate to Advanced DAX) Are you ready to take your DAX skills to next level? This course is ideal for those who already know how to write DAX and are ready to take their DAX skills to the next level. You will learn how the DAX […]

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Use SUM() vs SUMX()

When to Use SUMX() vs SUM() in DAX

Writing formulas in DAX can be different from Excel, which in turn, can mean important advantages when filtering reports. Understanding DAX depends on understanding its formulas. Here, we’ll learn about cross-filtering focusing on SUMX() vs SUM() and give you examples of how to use each of them for specific purposes. […]

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Extract more than 30,000 rows

Extract Tabular Data From Power BI Service to Excel

Level: Intermediate Updated: 10 Nov 2020 I first wrote this article about how to get tabular data from the Power BI Service into Excel back in Jan 2017.  The benefits of extracting tabular data are still the same as they were back then however the process of extracting the tabular data […]

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