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Exploding Measures using Tabular Editor 3

What?! Exploding Measures I hear you say. Exploding, expanding, use which ever word you like; what I mean is when you want to remove any refence to a measure INSIDE another measure. Example Consider the 3 measures below. Total Sales = SUM(Sales[ExtendedAmount]) Total All Product Sales = CALCULATE([Total Sales],ALL(Products)) % […]

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Building a Matrix with Asymmetrical Columns and Rows in Power BI

I have written a few articles that are related to this topic (articles that utilise this same technique to solve a problem), but never before have I explained the stand alone concept of how to build a visual with asymmetrical columns and rows in Power BI.  Let me explain with […]

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Useful Resources

There are a lot of really smart people that work with Power BI, Power Pivot and Power Query and share their ideas on how to solve particular problems. This is a page of links that I have found that solve particular problems. I am sharing them here so others can […]

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