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Adventure Works Sample Database 2005

Supercharge Power BI Book 2nd Edition & Supercharge Excel Book 2nd Edition

Adventure Works Sample Database is a fictitious retail industry database that is provided with my (Matt Allington‘s) books Supercharge Power BI (2nd edition) and Supercharge Excel (2nd edition). The examples illustrated in the books and the practice exercises are based on this sample database. Please download it and practice to become a DAX pro!

Please note that the download file contains both Access Version and Excel Version of the sample database. You can use either of them to follow through the books.

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I call this sample database as Adventure Works 2005 and I used a modified version of this database (I call it Adventure Works 2020) for use in the 3rd edition of Supercharge Power BI book. Both are identical in data content except that in Adventure Works 2020
1. the sales dates have had 15 years added to the original dates
2. the birth dates in the customer table have had 20 years added to the dates

Even if you are reading one of the previous versions of my books, you can still use the Adventure Works 2020 version. Just keep in mind that you will need to do a mental addition of 15 years from the sales dates.

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