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Comparing Events in Power BI

Today I am sharing another of those videos where I show you how I have built out my COVID report for Australia   The live report is running a few weeks ahead of my blog videos, so that is why you will see features in the live report that I haven’t blogged about.

In the video this week I show you how I used Power Query to create a new column in my calendar table “days into phase”.  I have used another of my tricks to generate code using the Power Query UI, and then used that code elsewhere inside the query.  This new column is needed to be able to overlay the data from Wave 2 with Wave 3 (which is Phase 2 vs Phase 4 in my data). It’s another of those “warts and all” videos where I just show you the reality of how I build reports and solve problems.

Here is the link to the latest version of the COVID Australia report.

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  1. Hi Matt

    I think a short lesson on how you did that green lag marker line would be good.

    Nice series you are doing, plus really useful tips and tricks along the way.



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