Supercharge Power BI Online. 5 week online training in DAX

Supercharge Power BI

Supercharge Power BI is an effective online training to learn to write DAX either in Power BI or in Excel. Supercharge Power BI is a combination of self-paced remote learning using either of my books Supercharge Power BI  or Supercharge Excel, weekly video-based training to support the more complex topics in the books, and weekly live screen sharing Q&A sessions with me (Matt Allington).

The training and learning is spanned over 7 weeks and you will be guided on what chapters in the books you have to read and practice in each week.  The videos for the topics covered in the chapters of the week are given in the Weekly Review Lesson.  It is recommended you do the reading and exercises first and then use the videos to cement your learning. You can then prepare any questions you have to ask and email them to me ([email protected]). When you attend the Q&A session after the week’s study, you will get your questions answered by me and also you will get to listen to all the discussion with the other participants of the training. So the structure of the training looks as below.

Semester Week Number
Kick off Meeting
Week 1 Chapters 1-4 Q&A
Week 2 Chapters 5-9 Q&A
Week 3 Chapters 10-13 Extra Study Week
Week 4 Chapters 10-13 Q&A
Week 5 Chapters 14-17 Extra Study Week
Week 6 Chapters 14-17 Q&A
Week 7 Chapters 18-21 Q&A

The downloadable link to the slide deck that contains all the slides used in the videos in the 5 lessons is provided in the Week 1 Review Lesson.

If you want to learn using Power BI Desktop, follow the book Supercharge Power BI, and if you want to learn using Excel, follow the book Supercharge Excel. Either way you will learn the same concepts that you can use both in Power BI Desktop and Excel.  The only difference is in the User Interface and to help you to switch from one to other, a chapter is devoted for the purpose.

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