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Crossover Day: Matt Allington / Rob Collie Podcast!


The Ghostbusters Ultimately Ignored this Advice. So Shall We.
(Our daring joint podcast is now available here)

Greetings, Excel-er-readers!

Hi folks! Some of you may know me – I was the “OG” Power BI blogger starting back in 2010, and was the only game in town for years. Eventually though I got my wish, and this crazy little “rogue” platform started catching people’s attention as the legitimate, industrial-strength worldbeater I believed it was.

“First” is almost never “best,” and our mutual friend Matt here is proof of that – he’s next level. “The next generation” in this space has truly taken us to new heights, like the orbital stage of a rocket, and I’m proud that my “boost phase” efforts played even a part in inspiring so many amazing people to take up the cause.

I still write an article every now and then – maybe you saw my series on paginated reporting and Power BI. But my primary focus over the past five years has been to build the prototype New Style of consulting firm – one whose business model is geared toward executing projects at the pace that the new tools support (instead of trying to turn every project into a six-figure slog).

So rather than compete with all of the new talent, my goal has been to give those people the kind of jobs they deserve, and clients the kind of value they deserve. That’s going well – we continue to grow, even in the era of COVID. It’s hard to go out of business providing things that the world desperately needs.

The Circle is Complete


And here I am – guest posting on Matt’s blog!
(But Darth Allington is a bit of a disappointment in Sith circles – much too nice)

In his earlier days of Excelerator, Matt used to regularly guest-blog on our site to help establish and promote his brand. He has long since outgrown that need, of course.

So here we are in a heartwarming reversal – I’m here to guest post on Matt’s site and promote something new that we’ve been doing over at P3 Smile

Raw Data by P3, Episode 11 – Matt Allington


We describe the podcast as “Data with the human element”
…and who personifies that better than Matt?

Yep, now *I* have something to promote! We launched a podcast in October and we’re quite proud of it: Raw Data by P3, subtitled “Data with the human element.”

Our good friend Matt is our guest for Episode 11 – and you can find it here.

Is it a Power BI Podcast?

In some sense no, but in a very important sense…  YES.

Here’s what we DON’T do:  we don’t talk about technical details. You won’t hear about the intricacies of the CALCULATE function, and you will probably never hear us dissect the nuances of filter context or query folding. A podcast isn’t the right medium for that sort of thing, so we’ll leave that stuff for blogs, books, and videos.

But we definitely DO talk about Power BI and the Power Platform! The overwhelming majority of our guests are connected to the Power Platform in some way, and we talk extensively about APPLYING said platform to our lives and careers.

“Data with the human element” is an accurate description I think – the value of data tools is strictly found in their intersection with the human side of the equation. Matt, for instance, completely revectored his career around this stuff. Heck, he revectored his entire LIFE!

So, think of Raw Data as an easy listen. We strive to be stimulating and entertaining without hurting anyone’s brain. And the professional value you glean from it will be on the “wisdom” side of the scale – hopefully a nice complement to the technical skills you get elsewhere.


Synopsis of our episode with Matt

Other Episodes

I’m pretty sure Matt’s episode is the most relevant to you, but also consider checking out:

  • Dr. Wayne Winston – Distinguished Professor and Excel guru at the IU Kelley School of Business, consultant to Mark Cuban, and two-time Jeopardy winner
  • Chris Finlan – Microsoft engineering leader, Paginated Reporting proponent, and longtime friendly jousting opponent of yours truly
  • Joe Phelan – former CEO of DHL Global Mail and Sunbelt Rentals, Chief Strategy Adviser at P3, and big time believer in the business value of Power BI
  • Brad Miller and Kai Hankinson – serial entrepreneurs, habitual line-steppers, and currently leaders of a massively data-driven advertising company (with Power BI at its heart)
  • And the full list of episodes can be found on the podcast homepage.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the pod!

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