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eBook Bundle Checkout

Supercharge Power BI and Supercharge Excel are the second edition of my original book “Learn to Write DAX”.  When you purchase these books directly from me here, you will get both versions of this book for the price of one.  They both cover the same content (same content as the original edition too) but have been updated for Power BI and Excel 2016 respectfully.

Supercharge Power BI and Excel – Digital Edition Bundle (2 for the price of 1)

AUD $19.50 Inc. GST

This book bundle is available from this shop only.

Included in the book bundle are:

  • Supercharge Power BI  Digital Edition (3rd edition)
  • Supercharge Excel  Digital Edition (2nd edition)

Supercharge Power BI is the 3rd edition of my original book using Power BI Desktop. Supercharge Excel is the second edition of my book “Learn to Write DAX” and is written using Excel 2016. This is the sister version of  “Supercharge Power BI“.

See the Product Description below for the details of these two books.

These books cover the same content but are explained using the different user interfaces of Power BI Desktop and Excel 2016.  The skills you learn from one book are transferable to the other.  However some people may like to have a copy of both books.  

Purchase these 2 books together at the price of one (offer available in this shop only).

If you purchase this two books bundle today, you will get an immediate download of both the eBooks.  And, you can start your reading with the digital versions immediately.  You will receive 3 different DRM free versions (PDF, MOBI and ePub) to use across your personal devices.

If you enroll to my Supercharge Power BI Online Training, you will get a free eBook copy of the books Supercharge Power BI and Supercharge Excel  in addition to the weekly video lessons on complex topics and weekly Q&A sessions with me, Matt Allington.

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