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Foundations of Power BI – Data to Dashboard Online Training

Matt Allington has been delivering live Power BI in Australia since 2014 and he has taught literally thousands of people with these live training courses and books.  Now you can get the live training experience by watching this recorded live training course.

In this training, you will understand the Power BI Desktop features and learn how to create different types of reports. You will also learn how to share your reports, create Dashboards on Power BI.com, use the Power BI features such as Q&A, Quick Insights, Analyze in Excel, etc. You will also get an introduction on Power Query. Power BI is easy to learn, and you can supercharge your learning experience with this Online Training course specifically targeted to you.

Why Should I Purchase?

  • It has been designed and created Matt Allington (Microsoft MVP).
  • Matt is a true Power BI/Power Pivot/Power Query professional who understands business users AND the technology that can solve these problems. i.e. he understands you and your problems.
  • The training is all “example based” using relevant real time scenarios to teach you the tricks.
  • You can download the slides used in the training.
  • You will have access to the online videos for 36 months, so if you want to come back and watch them again then that is fine.
  • You can purchase the course and start-off on the course at any time, and you will get access to the lessons (videos) immediately.
  • It is great value at US$99 for 36 months access to the online materials (videos).
  • You can claim 8 CPD hours.
  • Certificate available on request after completion of the course.
  • Buy this and any other Online Training at the same time and automatically get 10% off the price of those products!

Course Content

This course is a screen recording of one of Matt’s live public training courses. It is not a theatre production quality movie but rather a live recording of the step by step training and instructions from a live session. The audio quality in the recording does vary as Matt moves closer and further from the microphone, but it is clearly audible at all times.

Course Duration – 4 Hrs.

Module 1: Power BI Desktop – Building Your First Report – 59 minutes
LessonKey Topics Covered
An Introduction to Building Power BI Reports3 minutesPlacing a logo in the reportResizing the logoAdding a title to the reportFormatting the title of the report
Building Power BI Reports – Map Visual11 minutesCreating a map visualResizing the mapFields list of the visualImporting report themeRenaming a field in the visualUsing colour saturation
Building Power BI Reports – Column Chart Visual15 minutesCreating a visual using Q&A featureChanging the sort order in a visualCross-filteringData labels in a visualReset cross-filteringCreating an ad-hoc hierarchy in a visualDrill up and down in the visualFocus mode (Full-screen mode)Show DataDrill Down and Drill UpData hierarchy in a tableDeleting a data hierarchy
Building Power BI Reports – Bar Chart Visual3 minutesCreating a visual with copy-paste of an existing visualRepurposing a visual switching it to bar chartCross-filtering among the visualsCross-filtering by selecting fields on different visuals
Building Power BI Reports – Slicer Visual6 minutesAdding a Slicer visual to the reportFiltering using SlicerSignificant difference between Slicer and Cross-filteringEraser; List; DropdownSelection in a Slicer redraws the entire chartsControlling cross-filtering using Edit interactions
Building Power BI Reports – Card Visual2 minutesAdding a Card visual to the reportFormatting Card visual
Building Power BI Reports – Line Chart Visual10 minutesAdding line chart visual to the reportDate hierarchyDrilldown the date hierarchyAnalytics featuresForecastDocumentation on Forecasting in Power BISharp increase in the line chartAnalyze – Explain the increaseAdding the analysis chart as a visual to the report page
Building Power BI Reports – Bookmarks9 minutesBookmarks pane and Selection paneAdding a BookmarkCreating another view and adding a BookmarkToggling between BookmarksNavigating through different views as in PowerPoint presentation modeAdding Buttons to ReportGiving labels to the ButtonsAssigning actions to the ButtonsUsing the Buttons to trigger the assigned actions

Module 2: Power BI Desktop – Other Reports – 33 minutes
LessonKey Topics Covered
Building Power BI Reports – Top Customers Report9 minutesAdding a new page to the reportCopying and pasting the Logo and Title from previous pageEditing the TitleTable and Matrix visualsAdding a Table to the reportAdding fields (columns) to the TableFiltering the Table to display Top 20 CustomersSorting the Table by selecting a columnFormatting a columnConditional Formatting on the columns of the Table
Building Power BI Reports – Customer Detail Report9 minutesCreating a Table with all transactionsAdding DRILLTHROUGH filterAdding a Card with Customer NameDrillthrough to the Customer Detail ReportInteractive Drillthrough Report
Building Power BI Reports – Tool Tip Report15 minutesAdding Fields to TooltipsBuilding a Custom TooltipCreating a Blank Page named ToolTipFormatting Page as Tooltip PageChanging Page Size to TooltipChanging Page View to Actual SizeAdding Tooltip field to TOOLTIPBuilding the Tooltip ReportViewing the Custom Tooltip

Module 3: Sharing Reports in Power BI.com – 33 minutes
LessonKey Topics Covered
Publishing Reports to Power BI.com15 minutesSigning in to Power BI.comPower BI.com Key AreasCreating an App WorkspaceAssigning Access to App WokspacePublishing a Report from Power BI DesktopPublished Report as Dataset in Power BI.comReports in Power BI.com and Power BI DesktopWorkbooks in Power BI.com
Creating Dashboards7 minutesDashboards in Power BI.comPinning Visuals on to DashboardResizing Dashboard TilesPinning a Range from a WorkbookAdding Tiles from other SourcesPinning entire Report Page on to DashboardFully Interactive Report on DashboardQ&A in Power BI.comMobile Phone View of Dashboard
Power BI.com – Other Topics11 minutesSharing MethodsSharing WorkspaceSharing DashboardsSharing ReportsPublish to WebCreating and Sharing an App WorkspaceQuick InsightsPinning an Insight to DashboardAnalyze in ExcelThin WorkbookSharing Thin Worbooks

Module 4: Power Query – An Introduction – 74 minutes
LessonKey Topics Covered
Power Query – An Introduction24 minutesGetting data from a web pagePower QuerySteps to show how Power Query worksRemove RowsContext menu buttonUse First Row as Headers (Promote the first row as column headers)APPLIED STEPSCog of a step – step wizardRemove ColumnsCleaning and tidyingChanging Data typeReplace ValuesRenaming TableShape of the tableUnpivot Other ColumnsTransform and Add ColumnLoading data
Power Query – 2 More Power Query Techniques17 minutesEdit QueriesCreating Country-State hierarchyCombining State and Country into a columnAdd Column – Column From ExamplesData viewBuilding geographical hierarchyUsing the State Country combined columnSetting Data CategoryUsing Colour Saturation in Map visualCopying a query from Power BI to ExcelCopying query code to a text editor
File Consolidation with Power Query21 minutesGet Data from FolderCombine & EditSample File queryConsolidation queryEditing Sample File queryFixing the Consolidation queryRefreshing the Consolidation queryPower Query Audit12 minutesData used for the exampleCreate connection without loadCreate a new queryMerge Queries as NewProfilingAdding Variance columnReplace ValuesAdding Status column

Additional Goodies

  • Copy of Slides used in the training.
  • Self-paced training with timestamps provided for all the topics in every lesson to go through any specific section anytime.
  • CONTACT COURSE TEACHER button enables you to send a message to Matt Allington directly for any query on the course.
  • Certificate available on request after completion of the course.

Ready to purchase? You can purchase online from my shop here and start learning immediately.

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The new semester of Supercharge Power BI Online training starts on 18/19 September.