Kick Start Power Pivot in your organisation

Power Pivot is a revolutionary tool that comes bundled with MS Excel when you purchase MS Office Professional Plus. Power Pivot allows business professionals to connect to current and new data sources to produce a data model that combines previously independent data in ways that were never before possible at such speed and low cost.  Once the data model has been produced, the data can then be consumed in MS Excel Pivot Tables and/or the exciting new MS BI products like Power View and Power Map.

But How do I get Started?

Getting started can be a challenge.  Simply stated, you don’t know what you don’t know, and there is definitely a learning curve that you will need to climb.  But this is precisely where the Kick-start programme comes in.  Matt will come on-site and meet with the key people in the organisation that want to get started with Power Pivot.  This can be one or more people depending on the circumstances.  Matt will assess what you want to do and provide guidance and assistance to get you started.  This can be as little as a 1-2 day engagement over a 3-4 week period, or it could be something more significant particularly if you need/want to go faster.  The objective is to help you get started and make you self sufficient at some point in the future.  A Kick-Start programme ensures you get to a value adding future state as quickly as possible while making the least number of mistakes.

What is Data Modelling?

In this short video, I demonstrate how to create a data model in PowerPivot, and how quickly and easily it is possible to turn raw data into an analysis tool that can be used to help you understand your business.  This is a simplistic demonstration, however it does illustrate the concept well, and shows how quickly and easily you can take data and get it into a format that you can use to analyse and understand what is actually happening in the business.


Of course there are already other great tools out there that can combine data so it can easily be consumed, especially enterprise strength BI tools like MS SQL Server.  These tools have a very important role to play in the delivery of robust BI solutions.  However MS SQL Server based solutions are not right for every use case.  BI solutions that are built with enterprise strength tools typically have long development cycles, they require IT staff with very specialised skills, and these solutions are often very expensive to build and maintain.  If you are lucky enough to have an IT department with these skills, it is likely to already have a long list of enhancements and work planned well into the future.  It is unlikely that a business user will get quick help to solve an immediate business problem in such a challenging business environment, and it is never going to get easier.

The good news is that PowerPivot is here to help and it is probably just the tool you’ve been looking for. While it is recommended that MS Excel power users have at least a working knowledge of PowerPivot, becoming an expert is not practicable for everyone.   That is where Excelerator BI comes in.  At Excelerator BI we provide an end to end data modelling service using MS PowerPivot to create high value reusable data models in MS Excel.  Our experts will meet with you to understand the problem you are trying to solve, design the best solution, and then build that solution for you in the shortest possible time.  Depending on the scope of your particular business need, these data models can be shared adhoc with other users, or can be published to a SharePoint Enterprise Server or O365 site where the data model can be used by anyone with the necessary access rights.

This blog post by Rob Collie provides great insights as to how using PowerPivot can deliver superior ROI and speed of delivery.

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