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Learn to Write DAX – eBook available to purchase

Level: Beginners

I’m super excited.  Today is the day I have been dreaming of for almost a year when I first decided to write my book Learn to Write DAX – A practical guide to learning Power Pivot for Excel and Power BI.

learn to write DAX 700

This book is exactly what Excel users need to get stared with DAX. The DAX language is well within reach of any competent Excel user, however Power Pivot and DAX are completely different to the rest of Excel.  You really need a good book and/or some live training to help you get started.  Once you have a foundation understanding of how it works, there will be no stopping you.

Available for Sale and Immediate Download Now

This book is available for purchase and immediate download as an eBook from my bookshop here.  The eBook is a PDF format and can be read on a Tablet (iPad, Android), Kindle or on a PC of course.  Anyone that purchases the PDF eBook from my shop will receive an updated version of the book in ePub and/or MOBI formats when it becomes available in the future (via email from me – just make sure you use a valid email when you purchase the book).

In addition, if you live in Australia and would like to purchase the paperback version, you can purchase the paperback version today and you will also be able to download a free copy of the eBook today.  The paperback version will be shipped in a couple of weeks when it becomes available.  You can purchase the paperback version here which includes the free eBook download.

I would love to hear from people what they think of the book.  You can ask any questions you have during the learning process at powerpivotforum.com.au and you can give me your feedback there too.

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