Learn to Write DAX Online


Learn to Write DAX Online is a combination of self-paced remote learning using the book “Learn to Write DAX“, weekly video based training to support the more complex topics in the book, and weekly live screen sharing Q&A sessions with Matt Allington.

This training course has been specifically designed to provide the following benefits.

  • You get to learn incrementally over a 5 week period in your own time.  Just find 20-30 minutes per day.
  • There is a weekly video where I explain the concepts that are harder to learn yourself.  You can watch the weekly videos at any time in the week that suits you.
  • You get direct access to me (Matt Allington) to ask for clarification to any questions you have during the weekly Q&A session.  You can ask any questions you have at these sessions.
  • The cost is very affordable compared with a comparable live training course (about 80% cheaper)

Suitable Q&A Time Zones for Every Country

There are multiple semesters running in parallel that cater for all time zones where ever you are in the world.  If you are an early bird or a night owl, feel free to book into any of the semesters that suit your needs.

How it Works

You will get a DRM free eBook copy of the book “Learn to Write DAX” included in the purchase price for this training. If you prefer a paperback, you can refer to my book page here to find a suitable place to purchase the physical book (some people just like a real book).

The course is spread across 5 weeks.  Each week, you need to

  • study the chapters prescribed for the week
  • complete the exercises in the relevant chapters for the week
  • Watch the video summary for the week to cement your learning
  • attend the weekly Q&A seminar and bring along any questions you have ready to ask for clarification.

The examples and exercises in the book are based on the Adventure Works Access database that you can download for practice as you proceed with the chapters.

access Adventure Works Database Download

Course Syllabus

The course will follow the chapters in my book as outlined below.

Course Coverage: Week 1

Chapters to Study during the Week
Chapter Topics Covered
Chapter 1 Concept: Pivot Tables vs. Power Pivot
Chapter 19 Moving from Excel to Power BI
Chapter 2 Concept: Loading Data
Chapter 3 Concept: Calculated Fields/Measures

Video Session: Loading Data, Power BI Desktop, Basic measures

Course Coverage: Week 2

Chapters to Study during the Week
Chapter Topics Covered
Chapter 5 Concept: Filter Propagation
Chapter 6 DAX Topic: The Basic Iterators SUMX() and AVERAGEX()
Chapter 7 DAX Topic: Calculated Columns
Chapter 8 DAX Topic: CALCULATE()

Video Session: CALCULATE() explained, Filter Propagation, Iterators revisited

Course Coverage: Week 3

Chapters to Study during the Week
Chapter Topics Covered
Chapter 9 Concept: Evaluation Context and Context Transition
Chapter 10 DAX Topic: IF();SWITCH();FIND()
Chapter 11 DAX Topic: VALUES();HASONEVALUE()
Chapter 13 DAX Topic: FILTER()

Video Session: SWITCH, VALUES, ALL, Evaluation Context and Context Transition

Course Coverage: Week 4

Chapters to Study during the Week
Chapter Topics Covered
Chapter 14 DAX Topic: Time Intelligence
Chapter 15 DAX Topic: RELATED() and RELATEDTABLE()
Chapter 16 Concept: Disconnected Tables

Video Session: Time Intelligence, Custom Time Intelligence Explained

Course Coverage: Week 5

Chapters to Study during the Week
Chapter Topics Covered
Chapter 17 Concept: KPIs and Multiple Data Tables
Chapter 18 Concept: Cube Formulas
Chapter 20 Next Steps on Your DAX Journey

Video Session: Writing Cube Formulas from scratch, Final questions, Next steps

Ready to Purchase?

This is a semester-based training course.  You need to select a semester that suits your location (time zone) and availability over the 5 weeks of the training course.  There will be new semesters that become available throughout the year at different times.

You can see a list of all currently available semesters here.

The price of the course is AU$329.

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