Learn to Write DAX

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Learn to write DAX – A Practical Guide to Learning Power Pivot for Excel and Power BI is my first book on DAX. This book teaches readers how to get the most out of Power Pivot for Excel 2013 by learning the DAX language. This book gained popularity as the first book to read to learn DAX.

Supercharge Excel: When You Learn to Write DAX for Power Pivot is the second edition of this book using Excel 2016.

Supercharge Power BI: Power BI is Better When you Learn to Write DAX covers the same learning experience as covered in Supercharge Excel, and hence it can be considered a sister book.

Supercharge Power BI is updated using Power BI Desktop.


If you are starting afresh to learn to write DAX, I suggest to opt for Supercharge Excel. If you are on the path of becoming a master of the self-service tool Power BI Desktop, I suggest to opt for Supercharge Power BI.

However if you use Excel 2013, this book is still a good fit. You can purchase the paperback of this book from my shop and you will get a free copy of the eBook as an immediate download.


Download the Sample Database

access You can download the sample database here so that you can complete the practice exercises in the book.  If you want to get any value from this book, you simply must complete the exercises. A copy of the sample database is included in the eBook download, so you will not need to download this file if you have purchased the eBook from my shop. For those purchasing a hard copy of the book, you can download the sample database here.

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