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Moving from Power BI to Excel




In this lesson, you will understand how to load data into Excel Power Pivot data model, create relationships between the tables, and define measures. The DAX skills that you have learnt in Power BI are transferable to Excel. The only difference is UI and once you know how to do it in Excel, you can do data modelling in Excel as well.

Key Content

Topic Time Stamp
Introduction 00:00
Ensuring Power Pivot tab is visible 00:55
Loading data 02:30
Legacy loading approach 02:36
Loading data using Power Query 04:05
Creating relationships 05:55
Inserting a pivot table using data model 06:30
Creating a measure 07:02
Editing a measure 07:48

Course Material

You can follow along with the examples shown in this lesson with the AdventureWorks Database.

Lesson tags: DAX, Power BI, Power Pivot
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