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Power BI Consulting

Power BI is a relatively new product from Microsoft that brings the power of enterprise strength business intelligence and data analytics to the hands of business analysts.  The revolution here is the new technology but also the ease of access for the average business user.  No longer do you need to be a full time IT professional to be able to build reporting and analytics tools.

A Power BI Consultant to Help

One of the challenges of getting started with Power BI is getting over the hump of there being so much to learn. Don’t get me wrong, Power BI is well within the reach of any competent business analyst.  It is not that you can’t do it, it is just that most people need some help getting started. This is where Matt Allington comes in.  Matt is a Data Platform Microsoft MVP that specialises in Power BI consulting across the product suite including Power BI, Power Pivot and Power Query.  There are many ways you can leverage Matt’s skills, knowledge and experience.  Matt can:

  • Come on-site and meet with the key people in the organisation that want to get started with Power BI.  This can be one or more people depending on the circumstances.
  • Work with you online remotely anywhere in the world.
  • Deliver training to the key Power BI business users so they can learn the skills needed to be successful.

Things to Learn About Power BI

There is so much to learn to be good using Power BI.  In summary you need to learn the following:

  • Data Modelling.  This is the process of taking your data and turning it into something more useful than just raw data.  Power BI has a revolutionary engine to help you do this called Power Pivot.  Power Pivot is part of Power BI.  Once you learn how to use Power Pivot you will be well on the way to becoming a Power BI expert.
  • Data Acquisition:  In short, this is the process of fetching your data from where ever it lives, importing it into Power BI and then cleaning and shaping it to meet your needs.  Power BI has another revolutionary tool to help you do this called Power Query.
  • Data Visualisation: Once you have loaded your data and have the database designed to answer the business questions you have, you then need to visualise the data.  Power BI has a brand new visualisation engine that is in a continuous state of improvement.  There is a bit of a hump to get started, but with a small amount of guidance you will be off and running.

Want to See What I Mean?

Here is a video and Power BI report that I produced for a Microsoft Power BI competition in 2017.  This will give you a good idea of what can be done quickly and easily using my Power BI Consulting services.  The end to end process took me about 12 hours effort to get to this stage.


Interactive Report

Here is the link to launch full screen mode.

Getting a Power BI Consultant to help you build skills in all of these areas can make you go faster and make less mistakes along the way.  If you are interested to find out more, you can contact Matt using the form below.

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