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Power BI is an Enigma, so What to Do?

Edit: Sep 2019

Power BI is an enigma.  On the surface Power BI is an alluring product that promises to change your world of data analytics for the better – and indeed it can and will.  But sitting just beneath the surface, hidden from view, is the reality that there are many things you must learn if you want to be competent using the new breed of business intelligence tools.

How you can learn from me

I am forever telling people that if they want to be good at these tools then they simply must invest some time to learn.  There are quite a few ways you can learn from me if and when you are ready to do so. I am a specialist Power BI trainer and author, and I have honed my teaching and delivery skills over the years.

I offer various Power BI trainings to suit your requirements. Click on the image below to find the details of the courses.

Power BI Training Options

People consistently tell me that my material and teaching style is the best they have come across for Power BI (see examples below).

Regarding an article on my Blog

This comment relates to my article SUM() vs SUMX() on my blog.

Regarding my book, Supercharge Power BI

Regarding my Video on Evaluation Contexts

Video of my presentation at the Microsoft Business Applications Summit in 2018

Here are some of the ways you can learn from me.

Subscribe to and Read my Blog

I have been blogging here at my site for more than 4 years now.  I share many tips and tricks I have learnt over the years.  If you haven’t already signed up to my newsletter, I suggest you do that now.  There is no better free way to learn incrementally.  Each time I write an article you will get an email advising you and you can then read it when you have time.

To sign up, simply enter your details in the “Sign up to our Newsletter!” at the bottom of the page and click on Sign Up.

Watch my Videos

I have quite a few videos that I store on my YouTube channel.  You could take a look at these when you have some down time and maybe learn a trick or too.

Read One of my Books

I actually have 3 books.  The first book “Learn to Write DAX” teaches the DAX language using Power Pivot for Excel 2013.  Since writing that book 3 years ago, I have updated and refreshed the book into 2 newer versions “Supercharge Power BI” and “Supercharge Excel“.  Both of these books are “second editions” of the first book but I branched them into 2 different “flavours” to cater for people that wanted to learn DAX using different tools.  Regardless of which one you read, your skills will be transferable to the other product. In fact if you purchase the book directly from me or from my publisher Mr Excel, you will get both eBooks included in the price of your purchase.

Power BI DAX Book

Online Training

Supercharge Power BI Online

This course teaches the DAX language for Power BI.  If you can’t write DAX, you will never be great at using these Power BI.  DAX is very learnable, but indeed you must learn it.  This online course consists of the following.

  • A copy of my eBooks Supercharge Power BI and Supercharge Excel.
  • A structured learning plan for 5 weeks where you read the chapters each week and do the exercises.
  • A weekly lesson with videos where I explain the key concepts on screen using an easy to learn teaching style.
  • A weekly online group Q&A session where you attend with the cohort and ask any questions you have about any of the content for that week, including any similar business problems you are dealing with.
  • A downloadable video of the Q&A session recording.

At the end of the training,

    • You will walk away with the structured learning experience.
    • You get to keep my eBooks.
    • You keep access to the online videos for 3 years.
    • You keep a copy of the Q&A videos for ever.
    • You can ask to re-attend a future semester of the Q&A sessions if you would like to come back for a refresh.

You can see the currently available semester and register here.

Power BI Online Training

Power Query Online Training

I have structured the Power Query training differently. This course consists of 7.5 hours of online video training material that will teach you everything you need to know about using this fabulous tool for Power BI.

You will walk away with:

  • An eye opening experience about the fabulous time saving capabilities of Power Query.
  • First hand practice using the techniques from the many practice exercises that you can follow along with the videos.
  • 3 years access to the videos.  All videos are time stamped and indexed so you can come back and quickly find the section you are looking for at a later date.

You can watch some free sample videos and find out more about registration for Power Query online training here.

Power Query Online Training

Buy Both Online Training Together and Save

I offer a 10% discount on both courses when you purchase them together.  Just add them both to your shopping cart to receive the discount.

Come to One of my Live Training Courses

I run live public training courses in Australia throughout each year.  I keep a list of dates and locations on my training page here.  In addition I conduct corporate in house training for anyone that has the need/desire.  This can be cost effective for larger groups (9+) and also can allow a more targeted learning experience if needed.  You can read about my in house training here.

1 thought on “Power BI is an Enigma, so What to Do?”

  1. I love this iceberg analogy, Matt. I’m going to put it in my presentation the Wellington Data Vis meetup group later this month, and steer the people there to you. Because you give the best ‘soft landing’ into PowerBI that I’ve experienced.

    Anyone reading this comment, I can’t recommend Matt’s content enough. I’ve sat through numerous presentations and training courses from him, rate his book highly, ditto the blog, and can’t get enough of the guy’s insights 🙂

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