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Power BI is better when you learn to write DAX

Power BI online training course: With the right Power BI online training course anyone can learn to use Power BI.  But if you want to Supercharge Power BI, you really need to learn the DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) language.  This is a high quality Online Power BI training course that will teach you how to get the most from this tool.  Participants of this hands-on Power BI online training program will soon realise there is so much more you can do with Power BI once you learn to write DAX.   Anyone that uses Excel can learn the DAX language, but it can be mysteriously confusing to first time Power BI users.  I can help you with that.



This Power BI online training course is a combination of:

  1. Self-paced remote learning using one of my books – Supercharge Power BI or Supercharge Excel. (3 hours per week for 6 weeks – 18 CPD hours)
  2. Video based training with examples and demos to support the complex topics in the book. (1 hour per lesson for 5 lessons – 5 CPD hours)
  3. Weekly live screen sharing Q&A sessions with me, Matt Allington. (1 hour per session for 5 sessions – 5 CPD hours)

Total CPD hours = 18+5+5 = 28 hours.

This online Power BI training course will teach you how to use the data modelling capabilities in Power BI Desktop and Power Pivot for Excel.

All participants will receive the certificate of completion at the end of the course.

Power BI Online Training – Next Semester

The next semester for Supercharge Power BI Online Training starts on Tuesday 8th October 2019 (USA and Euro Time Zones) and Wednesday 9th October 2019 (Australian/Oceania Time Zones) and will run for 6 consecutive weeks (5 sessions + 1 extra study week).

Semester Week Number Date
Kick off Meeting 9th Oct 2019
Week 1 Chapters 1-4 Q&A 16th Oct 2019
Week 2 Chapters 5-9 Q&A 23rd Oct 2019
Week 3 Chapters 10-13 Extra Study Week 30th Oct 2019
Week 4 Chapters 10-13 Q&A 6th Nov 2019
Week 5 Chapters 14-17 Q&A 13th Nov 2019
Week 6 Chapters 18-21 Q&A 20th Nov 2019

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Which Book is Right for You?

Supercharge Power BI Supercharge Excel
Learn using Power BI Desktop Learn using Power Pivot for Excel
Microsoft Power BI Online Training Microsoft Power BI Online Training

You have a choice of which book to use for your learning.  If you primarily want to use Power BI, I recommend you use my book Supercharge Power BI: Power BI is better when you learn to write DAX.  If on the other hand you are planning on using Power Pivot for Excel, you can learn using my book Supercharge Excel: When You Learn to Write DAX for Power Pivot. They both cover the same content and the skills are transferable between Power BI and Excel.  Participants in this Power BI Online Training course will be given an eBook copy of both books, and you can choose to read which ever version you prefer to participate in the training.

Benefits of Learning Power BI Online, From a Pro

This Power BI online training course has been specifically designed to provide the following benefits.

  • The training is run in semesters so that you can be part of a class of people that are all learning together.
  • You get to learn incrementally over a 6 week period in your own time.  Just find a couple of hours each week to complete the learning.
  • There are lessons with videos where Matt Allington explains the concepts that are harder to learn yourself (around 1 hour lesson).
  • You get to attend the weekly live online screen sharing Q&A sessions with Matt Allington.
  • You can choose the appropriate session times for the weekly Q&A sessions that suit your time zone.
  • You will have access to the online course material (videos) for 36 months, so if you want to come back and watch them again then that is fine. Also, you will receive the Q&A session recording through email after each session, and you can keep a copy for future reference.
  • The cost of this Power BI training program is very affordable compared with a live training course (about 80% cheaper).

What Participants are Saying?

Roy D said: “Thank you so much for your great support, and all the user scenarios we go through. This helps a lot in building our dashboarding capabilities.
THANK YOU, I love your training.”

Suitable Q&A Time Zones for Every Country

There are normally multiple time zone sessions running in parallel that cater for where ever you are in the world.  If you are an early bird or a night owl, feel free to book into any of the sessions that suit your needs.

How it Works

You will get a DRM free eBook copy of the books Supercharge Power BIand Supercharge Excel included in the purchase price for this training. If you prefer a paperback, you can refer to the book pages here for Supercharge Power BI or here for Supercharge Excel, to find a suitable place to purchase the physical book (some people just like a real book).

This intuitive Power BI online course is spread across 6 weeks.  Each week, you need to

  • study the chapters prescribed for the week.
  • complete the exercises in the relevant chapters for the week.
  • watch the videos in the lesson to cement your learning.
  • attend the weekly Q&A online session and bring along any questions you have ready to ask for clarification. You can email your questions to [email protected] along with your workbooks, if any, prior to the session. Matt will take up those questions first in the session.

The examples and exercises in the book are based on the Adventure Works Access database that you can download for practice as you proceed with the chapters.

access Adventure Works Database Download

Course Syllabus

The course will follow the chapters in Matt Allington’s books (Supercharge Power BI and Supercharge Excel) as outlined below.
If you want to learn using Power BI Desktop, follow the book Supercharge Power BI, and if you want to learn using Power Pivot for Excel, follow the book Supercharge ExcelEither way you will learn the same concepts that you can use both in Power BI Desktop and Excel. The only difference is in the User Interface and to help you to switch from one to other, a chapter in each book is devoted for the purpose.

Kickoff Week Meeting

The training starts with a kickoff meeting where you get to understand the course overview, course structure, and how to access online training material.

The same information is also available as videos Course Overview, Tips for Watching Videos in the Kickoff Week lesson in the course.

Course Coverage: Week 1

Video Topics in the Lesson: Loading Data, Basic Measures, Power BI Desktop

Chapters to Study during Week 1

Topics Covered Supercharge Power BI Chapter Supercharge Excel Chapter
Concept: Introduction to Data Modelling Chapter 1 Chapter 1
Concept: Loading Data Chapter 2 Chapter 2
Concept: Measures Chapter 3 Chapter 3
DAX Topic: SUM(), COUNT(), COUNTROWS(), MIN(), MAX(), COUNTBLANK() and DIVIDE() Chapter 4 Chapter 4

Course Coverage: Week 2

Video Topics in the Lesson: Filter Propagation, Evaluation Contexts, Iterating functions, CALCULATE() explained

Chapters to Study during Week 2

Topics Covered Supercharge Power BI Chapter Supercharge Excel Chapter
Concept: Filter Propagation Chapter 5 Chapter 5
Concept: Lookup Tables and Data Tables Chapter 6 Chapter 6
DAX Topic: The Basic Iterators SUMX() and AVERAGEX() Chapter 7 Chapter 7
DAX Topic: Calculated Columns Chapter 8 Chapter 8
DAX Topic: CALCULATE() Chapter 9 Chapter 9

Course Coverage: Week 3 and Week 4

Video Topics in the Lesson: SWITCH, VALUES, ALL, Evaluation Context and Context Transition

Chapters to Study during Week 3 and Week 4

Topics Covered Supercharge Power BI Chapter Supercharge Excel Chapter
Concept: Evaluation Context and Context Transition Chapter 10 Chapter 10
DAX Topic: IF(), SWITCH() and FIND() Chapter 11 Chapter 11
DAX Topic: VALUES(), HASONEVALUE() Chapter 12 Chapter 12
DAX Topic: ALL(), ALLEXCEPT() and ALLSELECTED() Chapter 13 Chapter 13

Course Coverage: Week 5

Video Topics in the Lesson: FILTER(), Time Intelligence, Custom Time Intelligence Explained

Chapters to Study during Week 5

Topics Covered Supercharge Power BI Chapter Supercharge Excel Chapter
DAX Topic: FILTER() Chapter 14 Chapter 14
DAX Topic: Time Intelligence Chapter 15 Chapter 15
DAX Topic: RELATED() and RELATEDTABLE() Chapter 16 Chapter 16
Concept: Disconnected Tables Chapter 17 Chapter 17

Course Coverage: Week 6

Video Topics in the Lesson: Multiple Data Tables, Writing Cube Formulas from scratch, Final questions, Next steps

Chapters to Study during Week 6

Topics Covered Supercharge Power BI Chapter Supercharge Excel Chapter
Concept: KPIs Chapter 18
Concept: Multiple Data Tables Chapter 18 Chapter 19
Concept: Using Analyze in Excel and Cube Formulas Chapter 19 Chapter 20
Transferring Your Skills to Excel Chapter 20
Moving from Excel to Power BI Chapter 21
Next Steps on Your DAX Journey Chapter 21 Chapter 22

Ready to Purchase?

This is a semester-based Power BI online training course. You can click here to see the currently available semester and register.

There will be new semesters that become available throughout the year at different times.

The price of the course is US$250 (AU$329).

Buy this and Power Query Online Training at the same time and automatically get 10% off the price of these products!

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