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Power Query Consulting

Power Query is a wonderful tool built for by Microsoft especially for Excel users. It was first released somewhere around early 2013 and has been continuously developed since then.  But as is the case with some of the other new desktop data productivity tools that Microsoft has developed, many of the people that could benefit from Power Query simply don’t know it exists.

Benefits of Power Query

Power Query is fantastic at all of these things:

  • Replace repetitive cut and paste tasks from old world Excel to new world Power Query.  Create a new Power Query directly against the source data.  Next time the data is updated you simply need to press refresh. That’s it.
  • Combine data from multiple files into a single file for analysis
  • Cleanse data so that you remove errors in data entry or remove historical changes so you have a clean current version of the truth.

A Power Query Consultant to Help

Of the three new Power BI tools (Power BI, Power Pivot and Power Query), Power Query is by far the easiest to learn.  But that doesn’t mean that you know what you don’t know.  One of the advantages of a Power Query Consultant like Matt is that he can look at your business problems and coach you how to get the right outcome quickly and easily without making so many mistakes. Anyone can learn Power Query through trial and error, but those errors cost time and money.  The sooner you get to the end state the sooner you can reinvest your time in more value adding tasks. Matt Allington’s Power Query consulting service will get you there faster.

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