PowerPivot Reporting

Excelerator BI uses Power Pivot and Excel as the key tools to produce interactive reports and dashboards. The final reporting tools are infinitely configurable directly in Microsoft Excel using standard Pivot Tables, Slicers and conditional formatting (among other things). With all the power of Excel at your fingertips, you can get exactly what you need in your final reports.

Demo Dashboard

This is a working demo of a Dashboard that is built on top of Microsoft’s Adventure Works sample database.  You can login to this demo site and interact with the Dashboard to get a sense of the user experience when using an interactive tool on line.
Demo Site
In this demo you can select different reports by selecting the menus along the top (items 1 and 2), and use the slicers (3 and 4) to select different views of the report.  You will need to log in to view the site.

You can click on this link to automatically log in.  https://ppdemo%40xcbs.com.au:[email protected]/SitePages/Home.aspx

Note that some browsers will warn you of a possible Phishing attack.  This is not a Phishing attack, just a convenient way to allow you to log in by clicking a single link.

Alternatively you can browse to the web page at https://ppdemo.portalfront.com/SitePages/Home.aspx from your PC or iPad and then use the login credentials below.

UserName:  [email protected]
Password:   PowerPivot1

If you have problems logging in from a corporate environment, try using the following:   spfm\DUser12   This is the fully qualified domain\username

Experience when you need it most

Matt AllingtonMatt Allington is a Self Service BI professional with more than 30 years in the Retail and IT Industries.  Matt brings his extensive experience working with The Coca-Cola Company to understand how to build and deliver user friendly Self Service BI Dashboard and Reporting that will thrill your users.  Matt can build you reporting tools to be deployed on the desktop or over the Internet with the full slice and dice capabilities of Excel Pivot tables.