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Learn to Write DAX – Digital Edition

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This was my first book on DAX and was written using Excel 2013.

The second edition of this book Supercharge Excel using Excel 2016 is also now available.

I have also written a sister book Supercharge Power BI using Power BI user interface.

The digital editions of Supercharge Excel and Supercharge Power BI are also free with this book.

Note: When you purchase the eBook directly from me (the author) in this shop, you will receive the book in 3 different DRM Free formats (PDF, MOBI and ePub) for immediate download. And you will also receive the digital editions of my new books Supercharge Power BI  and Supercharge Excel for free in 3 different DRM Free formats (PDF, MOBI and ePub) for immediate download.

If you enroll to my Supercharge Power BI Online Training, you will get a free eBook copy of the books Supercharge Excel and Supercharge Power BI in addition to the weekly video lessons on complex topics and weekly Q&A sessions with me, Matt Allington.

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What is DAX?

Data Analysis eXpressions (DAX) is the formula language of Power Pivot and Power BI. Simply reading a book is normally not enough to help Excel users learn DAX skills – you need to complete exercises and get plenty of practice to make the transition. This book is written to give you exactly that – hands-on practice. Inside you will find explanation of concepts, sample exercises and then practice questions and answers to maximize learning retention and experience.

This was my first book on DAX written using Excel 2013 and the second edition Supercharge Excel that covers the same content using Excel 2016 is also available.

From Excel to Power BI

Power BI is the big new thing in business intelligence from Microsoft. PowerBI.com became generally available in July 2015 and is following a rapid monthly development cycle – the pace of change is quite astonishing. There is no doubt that Excel users will increasingly want to leverage the sharing and modern visualisation capabilities of PowerBI.com, and learning to write DAX is the foundation of that journey. Anyone that learns DAX from this book will be well placed to quickly move from Excel to PowerBI.com.

Supercharge Power BI is my new book that teaches readers how to get the most out of Power BI by learning the DAX language.  And, the digital edition of this book is free with Learn to Write DAX.


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