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Supercharge Online Training Signup2

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Course Syllabus

The course will follow the chapters in my books (Supercharge Excel and Supercharge Power BI) as outlined below.
If you want to learn using Excel, follow the book Supercharge Excel, and if you want to learn using Power BI Desktop, follow the book Supercharge Power BI. Either way you will learn the same concepts that you can use both in Excel and Power BI Desktop. The only difference is in the User Interface and to help you to switch from one to other, a chapter is devoted for the purpose.

Course Coverage: Kickoff Week

Video Session: Course Overview, Tips for Watching Videos

Chapters to Study during the Week
None! This week is just to get to know each other and look over what we'll be covering during the next 5 weeks.

Course Coverage: Week 1

Video Session: Loading Data, Basic Measures, Power BI Desktop

Topics Covered in Week 1Supercharge Power BI ChapterSupercharge Excel Chapter
Concept: Introduction to Data ModellingChapter 1Chapter 1
Concept: Loading DataChapter 2Chapter 2
Concept: MeasuresChapter 3Chapter 3
DAX Topic: SUM(); COUNT(); COUNTROWS(); MIN(); MAX(); COUNTBLANK() and DIVIDE()Chapter 4Chapter 4

Course Coverage: Week 2

Video Session: Filter Propagation, Evaluation Contexts, Iterating functions, CALCULATE() explained

Topics Covered in Week 2Supercharge Power BI ChapterSupercharge Excel Chapter
Concept: Filter PropagationChapter 5Chapter 5
Concept: Lookup Tables and Data TablesChapter 6Chapter 6
DAX Topic: The Basic Iterators SUMX() and AVERAGEX()Chapter 7Chapter 7
DAX Topic: Calculated ColumnsChapter 8Chapter 8
DAX Topic: CALCULATE()Chapter 9Chapter 9

Course Coverage: Week 3

Video Session: SWITCH, VALUES, ALL, Evaluation Context and Context Transition

Topics Covered in Week 3Supercharge Power BI ChapterSupercharge Excel Chapter
Concept: Evaluation Context and Context TransitionChapter 10Chapter 10
DAX Topic: IF(); SWITCH() and FIND()Chapter 11Chapter 11
DAX Topic: VALUES(); HASONEVALUE()Chapter 12Chapter 12
DAX Topic: ALL(); ALLEXCEPT() and ALLSELECTED()Chapter 13Chapter 13

Course Coverage: Week 4

Video Session: FILTER(), Time Intelligence, Custom Time Intelligence Explained

Topics Covered in Week 4Supercharge Power BI ChapterSupercharge Excel Chapter
DAX Topic: FILTER()Chapter 14Chapter 14
DAX Topic: Time IntelligenceChapter 15Chapter 15
DAX Topic: RELATED() and RELATEDTABLE()Chapter 16Chapter 16
Concept: Disconnected TablesChapter 17Chapter 17

Course Coverage: Week 5

Video Session: Multiple Data Tables, Writing Cube Formulas from scratch, Final questions, Next steps

Topics Covered in Week 5Supercharge Power BI ChapterSupercharge Excel Chapter
Concept: KPIsChapter 18
Concept: Multiple Data Tables Chapter 18Chapter 19
Concept: Using Analyze in Excel and Cube FormulasChapter 19Chapter 20
Transferring Your Skills to ExcelChapter 20
Moving from Excel to Power BIChapter 21
Next Steps on Your DAX JourneyChapter 21Chapter 22

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