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Supercharge Power BI

Supercharge Power BI – Power BI is Better When You Learn to Write DAX is now available for purchase in

If you purchase the paperback edition from my shop you will receive a DRM free copy of the eBook as well (immediate download) at no extra charge.

How is This Book Different to “Learn to Write DAX”?

Learn to Write DAX was first released in December 2015 when Power BI was just a fledgling product.  Learn to Write DAX teaches readers how to use Power Pivot using Excel 2013 and also provides a guided path to migrate those skills to Power BI.  My new book Supercharge Power BI: Power BI is Better When you Learn to Write DAX covers the same learning experience as covered in my first book and hence it can be considered a sister book. These two books use the same content, teaching, and practice format but with different software versions, as indicated in the titles. You should choose the best book for you given which software product you want to use.

Reviews on Amazon

It is still too early for reviews of Supercharge Power BI on Amazon.  But here are a few of the reviews for Learn to Write DAX, which covers the same content as this book.

Here are a few of the comments.

“This book is awesome!”. “This is the 3rd book in my newly established “DAX” collection and frankly, I should have bought this book first.” – Tom

A very good way to make the transition from standard excel user to an modern excel user is to buy this book”. – Rafael Paim.

“This is the book to start with if you are beginning your DAX writing journey. In my opinion, Matt’s approach to helping people learn how to write DAX is superior to any of the other DAX books I have read.” – John M. McNally.

“I’ve read many well-written computer books in my career, but, Learn to Write DAX, by Matt Allington, truly stands out.” – Frank Quarry

“I’m only 1/2 half the way through and already feel that I good grasp of DAX formulas and usage. Best BI book I’ve purchased in a while!!” – Robert Spaeth.

“This book is fantastic!” – Suum Cuique.

“The genius of this book is that Matt perfectly understands how our Excel minds work!” – Amazon Customer

You can read all the reviews from Amazon here.

Feedback from Readers.

“I purchased your eBook last Saturday and I want to let you know that I have learned more in the last 96 hours than I have in the last 3 months. I have a number of books on DAX, but since I am a novice your book has begun to provide the basics and increased an understanding in a structured manner.”  Kevin

“I am greatly enjoying working through your book, “Learn to Write DAX”.  I am wrapping up Chapter 8 right now and it is in my opinion the best resource out there for teaching someone how to actually integrate DAX skills into a project, incorporating all of the necessary elements and skills as opposed to many of the other “piece meal” instructional resources available that although good, teach individualized concepts but lack the integration of the pieces into a coherent whole.”  Brian

Download the Sample Database

access You can download the sample database here so that you can complete the practice exercises in the book.  If you want to get any value from this book, you simply must complete the exercises. A copy of the sample database is included in the eBook download, so you will not need to download this file if you have purchased the eBook from my shop. For those purchasing a hard copy of the book, you can download the sample database here.

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