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Creating a Desensitised Copy of a Power Pivot Workbook - Level: Beginners I have been working with a client here in Sydney were we are producing some Human Resource (HR) reporting tools to analyse what is happening across the business.  HR data is quite often very sensitive because it can contain personal information as well as salary information.  A lot of the calculations that are […] Read More
How do I remove duplicate connections in Power Pivot? - Level: Beginners I was working with a client recently and was asked a question…  “How do I remove duplicate connections in Power Pivot”?  I know this is an issue and I specifically advise people to be careful in my training courses and also in my book.  But of course once you have the problem, then […] Read More
Extract Measures from an Excel Workbook - I was working with a client last week and the unthinkable happened.  The client made a simple editing mistake inside the Measure editing dialogue box and it corrupted the Power Pivot workbook. We could still edit the corrupt workbook, but the Pivot Tables stopped working.  Oh No!!  Now what?  He had written half a dozen […] Read More
Adelaide and Sydney Power Pivot Training – Early Bird closes soon - There are 2 Power Pivot training courses scheduled for the end of this month Sydney on Thurs 23/Fri 24th of July Adelaide on Mon 27th/Tues 28th of July. Early bird pricing with a saving of $200 off the normal price is closing in less than 2 weeks time. Power Pivot is a revolutionary technology from […] Read More