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This live public training course is also available as private, onsite corporate training.

Course Overview

Power Pivot is still considered to be relatively new by many people yet in reality it reflects 15 years of ongoing development at Microsoft.  It is this strong heritage, recent revolutions with in-memory technologies, and the relative simplicity of use for business users that makes Power Pivot and Power BI such compelling products.  And the good news is that the most useful capabilities are conveniently the most learnable.

In this two-day training course, Matt Allington (author of the book “Learn to Write DAX“) teaches Excel professionals how to use Power Pivot from the point of view of a business analyst.  You don’t need to be a database expert to benefit from Power Pivot, but you do need to learn some new techniques to ensure you will succeed.    The course covers:

  1. Importing and creating relationships between your tables of data.
  2. Writing basic Data Analysis eXpressions (DAX) formulas to extract business insights.
  3. Then writing more advanced DAX formulas that use the power of DAX to extract additional business insights from the data that are not immediately obvious yet are inherently available.
  4. An introduction to Power Query, how to use the tool and why it is so great.
  5. Helping Excel professionals move from being a Power Pivot for Excel user to being a Power BI user.

Download the Course Brochure: Power Pivot Australia Course Outline

Course Locations and Dates

The 2016 Power Pivot Training dates for Australia can be seen in the table below. There is an early bird special if you book and pay 1 month in advance. Training will be located at a suitable central location in your capital city (depending on numbers).

Locations Dates Registration
  • Mon 18th & Tues 19th April 2016
  • Thur 11th & Fri 12th Aug 2016
  • Thur 10th & Fri 11th Nov 2016
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  • Thur 28th & Fri 29th July 2016
  • Thur 13th & Fri 14th Oct 2016
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  • Thur 17th & Fri 18th March 2016
  • Thur 7th & Fri 8th July 2016
  • Thur 27th & Fri 28th Oct 2016
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  • Thur 9th & Fri 10th June 2016
  • Thur 1st & Fri 2nd Sept 2016
  • please contact Matt to discuss future dates.  There will likely be another session in late November if enough people contact me with an interest to attend.
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Hobart No courses planned however I have a number of people that are keen to attend.  If I can find a couple more people we can coordinate a time and I will come and teach.  Please contact me via the form below if you are interested.
Perth No courses planned. I would love to come to Perth for a course and will do so if I can find enough interested people to attend.  Please contact me via the form below if you are interested.

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