2015 Australian Training Dates – Power Pivot for Excel

I have now locked all the training dates for my Power Pivot for Excel Australian Training public classes.  You can find full details of the dates here. https://exceleratorbi.com.au/powerpivot-training-australia/

live training Australia

Why you should attend my Power Pivot for Excel Training

  • I am affiliated with Rob Collie from http://powerpivotpro.com in the USA and I deliver training material developed by Rob that is targeted specifically with the Excel user in mind.  Rob was the Program Manager at Microsoft that worked on the first version of Power Pivot.  His unique insights on how the tool was designed to work makes this training course more targeted than most.
  • I have a background working for Coca-Cola and have years of experience both using data and building data tools.  I know what users think they need, and I know how to structure data to give them exactly what they really need.

Why you should register now

  • There are discounts for early bird registration as well as for multiple registrations from one company at a single session.
  • Everyone is busy working on what is important as well as what is urgent.  Learning a new skill to use a tool like Power Pivot will make you more efficient (save you time) and more effective (get better business results).  It is not urgent, but it sure is important.

Block some time in your calendar now so that you make sure you get the benefits from this training and can start to Excelerate your business results.

For more details

A full course overview is available here.  https://exceleratorbi.com.au/powerpivot-training-australia/  You can then click through for your location, find a date that works for you and click through to register.


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