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  • Data Modelling with Power BI

    3 Lessonsin
    Module 2

    In this course you will learn the concept of data modelling and how to use DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) for data modelling with Power BI.

  • Foundations of Power BI - Data to Dashboard

    19 Lessonsin
      Power BI Online Training

      The objective of this course "Foundations of Power BI - Data to Dashboard" is to help you learn how use Power BI to build a report and share them on Power

    • Power BI Basics

      2 Lessonsin , ,

        Power BI Overview course is designed to enable you to get onto the path of your BI journey. It contains 2 lessons. The first will get you started using Power BI, and the second will teach you how to move your Power BI skills to Power Pivot for Excel

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      • Power BI for the Business Analyst – Advanced Topics

        5 Lessonsin , ,

          Power BI for the Business Analyst – Advanced Topics covers the more complex concepts of Power BI data modelling, such as evaluation contexts, context transition, and custom time intelligence. This course enables you to go through the lessons at your own pace and at your convenient time till you master them.

        • Supercharge Power BI

          6 Lessonsin , ,
            Supercharge Power BI Online Training

            Supercharge Power BI Online training is a combination of self-paced remote learning using the books “Supercharge Power BI“ or “Supercharge Excel“, weekly video based training with examples and demos to support the complex topics in the books, and weekly live screen sharing Q&A sessions with Matt Allington.

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          • Power Query for Excel and Power BI

            42 Lessonsin , ,

              This is an online video training course for Power Query. The course consists of more than 40 video lessons explaining how to use Power Query for Power BI and Excel. It starts at the beginning and covers the basics right through to advanced techniques and patterns to solve real world problems. There are a few free introductory videos that cover an outline of the course, an overview of the user interface and also an explanation of some of the various ways you can use Power Query. These free samples will give you a taste of what this training material is like to help you determine if it will be useful for you. After purchasing the course you will be able to view the content online for a single user for 12 months from the date of purchase. The videos are not available for download and you are required to have an internet connection to access the material.

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