Power BI Corporate Training ? Can Your Company Benefit From It?

Power BI Corporate Training

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At Excelerator BI, we offer world-class instructor-led training to organisations large and small.  The training can be live face-to-face, or live remote and on-line.

What's The Best Option For My Company?
Corporate Training Power Bi

World Class Power BI Corporate Training for your Business


Flexibility to vary a portion of the content based on specific needs using your company data.


Cater for up to 20 attendees exclusively for your company.


The larger the group, the lower the cost per participant!
(Very cost-effective for 8+ participants)

We offer Live Face-to-Face Power BI training to the Australian region. Learning from a skilled instructor in the same room provides an opportunity for a much more direct and personal interaction. 

Face-to-face offers the highest level of clarity and understanding for the training participants.  Many of our past trainees have expressed that they learned better by having a focussed learning session in the same room as the instructor.

Although online interactive methods are definitely beneficial (and if you're outside of Australia and want to learn from Excelerator BI, you should definitely consider them) there's something special about in-person conversations and face-to-face training.

Pricing starts from AU $7,250 for up to 10 people in Sydney or Brisbane for the full 2 day course (other locations are + travel expenses at cost).  

Our Live Remote Online Training provides flexibility and is an excellent option for teams that work in a distributed work place. What makes our training different is that, although it is an online environment, we offer the same Instructor-Led Online classroom experience where all trainees learn together and can ask questions of the instructor.

Online training saves time and money by eliminating the need for travel for the instructors and the participants. This leads to a lower per user cost overall. 

Choosing our Live Remote Online Training is quite a simple decision if you have a disbursed team, if your company is looking for the most affordable training option, or if you are wanting to learn from Excelerator BI from anywhere in the world.

Pricing starts from AU $7,250 for up to 10 people located anywhere in the world.

Why Is This The Best Power BI Training?

It’s developed by Matt Allington.  Matt is a Microsoft MVP (Power BI) and author of the best-selling book Supercharge Power BI.

Matt has a strong business background and understands how real people use data. This is reflected in the training content and delivery. 

The training is delivered by Matt, or one of his accredited trainers.

The curriculum of this course has been designed to make complicated concepts easy to understand. 

How Do We Start Our Power BI Corporate Training?

This first step is to discuss your specific Power BI Corporate Training needs with Matt so he can help you select the right training, and to ensure that you will get the learning experience that you actually need. Simply fill out the contact form below

The standard course Power BI for the Business Analyst Course focuses on Power BI Reporting, Dashboards, Sharing, and an introduction to Data Modelling with DAX in Power BI. 

Download the course outline: Power-BI-For-the-Business-Analyst-Course-Outline

There is also an intermediate to advanced course called Demystifying DAX.  This more advanced course focuses on giving the participants the depth of knowledge needed to be truly self-sufficient to building and maintaining solutions to solve your own business problems. Most self taught DAX users don’t know what they don’t know.

Demystifying DAX Intermediate to Advanced – Online Course Outline

Are you outside Australia or is your team geographically dispersed? Consider Live Online In-House Training.

Pricing starts from AU$7,250 for up to 10 people for the 4 module introduction course, and AU$5,250 for up to 10 people for the 2 module advanced course.

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Our Corporate Power BI Training

  • Is Flexible

    Flexibility to vary a portion of the content based on specific needs using your company data.

  • Is Exclusive

    Cater for up to 20 attendees exclusively for your company.

  • Is Cost-Effective

    The more company members you bring in, the lower the cost per participant. (Very cost-effective for 8+ participants)


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