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Power BI for the Business Analyst Online Training

Are you looking to learn Power BI from an Industry Expert?

If you want to learn Power BI from end to end at your own pace with guidance, and at an extremely affordable rate, then this is the right course for you.

This training is available via Skillwave Training’s platform, with it, you will learn how to create different types of Power BI Reports and share them in Power BI.com.

You will also learn how to model your data with DAX so that it is suitable for reporting. At the end of this course, you will become a Power BI Ninja, a Reporting Expert, and a Data Modeller.

Pbi For Biz Analyst

Why Should You Attend This Training?

This is a structured, online training course that will help you start your Power BI journey the right way, the very first time.

You do not require to have any pre-requisites for this training. It is absolutely a beginner's course.

With no prior reporting or programming experience, you will become a Power BI expert in a structured time-frame.

You will understand the various features of Power BI that enables you to create interactive and user-friendly reports.

You will understand the intricacies of DAX, the data modelling language of Power BI so that you can extract the business insights from the data for effective and efficient reporting.

You can ask questions in the live online Q&A calls and get solutions to your business problems.

You get to listen to the discussions with the other participants to widen your domain and Power BI knowledge.

Matt has ensured to make this training extremely affordable so anyone who is truly interested in Power BI can start their journey.

Price: $350 for first year. Renews at $99 per year (All prices in USD)

Digital editions of Matt's books Supercharge Power BI and Supercharge Excel, downloadable sample workbooks and slide deck.

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How it works?

Power BI for the Business Analyst Online is a semester based training, with typically 5 to 6 semesters per year.

On registration, you will get the digital editions of the books Supercharge Power BI and Supercharge Excel that you can download and use through your Power BI journey.

You will get immediate access to the online course material comprising of videos, sample workbooks and practice exercises. You will also get the meeting invite for the Q&A calls for the next semester with Jason Cockington, Microsoft certified trainer and consultant at Excelerator BI Pty Ltd.

You can then either start off at your own pace to view the videos and complete practice exercises or wait until the start of the next semester so you can complete the work with the class.

The semester consists of 2 weeks with 2 sessions each week including the videos, practice and Q&A calls.

You will receive the video recording of the Q&A call that you can download and keep for your reference, even if you cannot attend the call.

The course is subscription based and initially you will get the validity for one year. You can renew your subscription if you wish to after that.

You can join any of the live Q&A calls for future semesters as long as your subscription is active.

Why Is This The Best Power BI Training?

Power BI for the Business Analyst was developed and is delivered by Matt Allington.

Matt is a Microsoft MVP (Power BI), author of the best-selling book Supercharge Power BI and a renowned trainer.

Matt has a strong business background and understands how real people use data. This is reflected in the training content and delivery.

Matt uses his extensive knowledge of Power BI and DAX to make the training easy to assimilate even by the beginners.

Matt knows how to make the participants easily understand the complex DAX concepts.

This course starts with a ready made data model given to you so that you can master reporting and sharing. Next it takes you through the art of data modelling with Power BI and DAX.

Course Content

What Goodies do I get from this Power BI Training course?

  • Access to online videos as long as you are a subscriber
  • Digital editions of Matt Allington’s books Supercharge Power BI and Supercharge Excel
  • Downloadable Slide Deck, example workbooks
  • Demos of various scenarios
  • Downloadable video recordings of the Q&A calls
  • Return to the Q&A calls of any semester when your subscription is active.
Supercharge Power Bi Book 3rd Ed

Ready For The Power BI for the Business Analyst Training?

This subscription-based

beginner level

Power BI training course

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Power BI for the Business Analyst Online Training

Become a Power BI Expert learning Reporting and Data Modelling with DAX with online videos and live online        Q&A calls.