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Power Pivot Forum is no more

PpfAfter 7 years in operation I have decided to retire PowerPivot Forum.  My initial plan when launching the forum in 2014 was to create a dedicated forum for Power Pivot, DAX and Power Query.  There really wasn’t anything around that was dedicated at that time. Despite my efforts, it was much harder to build a self help community than I imagined.  Then when Power BI was launched, Microsoft also launched the official Power BI forums at http://community.powerbi.com   This forum has become the default, go to forum for most people seeking free help and Power Pivot Forum simply failed to grow.

Over time the spammers have worn me down and I don’t have the energy to maintain it an longer.  Thanks for your participation and interest over the years.

Commercial Support

If you are looking for commercial support for anything related to Power BI, please feel free to contact me here.

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