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Query Plan Analysis - Query Plan Analysis: The 5 Culprits that Cause 95% of Your Performance Headaches I am fairly new to SQL Server, and I am by no means an expert. I learnt my database ‘skills’ using MS Access. In a recent engagement with a client, I had a need for a tool that could handle > 10GB […] Read More
Matt's curated best self serve BI content
Deep Dive into Power Query M Language - In this session, Matt Masson and Tess Palmer do a great job of showing everyone the depth and power of the Power Query M language that is the backbone of Power Query – it makes my list. Clearly they didn’t expect too many people in the audience to be able to follow them along the […] Read More
Solving Complex Business Problems with DAX – TechEd 2014 - This is a continuation of my series on “best of” from TechEd 2014. This session by Kasper de Jonge makes my best of list. It is quite technical in places and digs in deep. I particularly like when he talks about “evaluation context”. Erik explains that there are 2 types of context (row context and […] Read More
Those that didn't make my list
Self Service BI from TechEd 2014 cont… - This post is a continuation of my last post where I started to provide a curated view of content from TechEd 2014 from the perspective of a Self Service BI professional.  Inevitably if I am to share with you the best of the sessions, there are going to be some that don’t make my list.  […] Read More
A smorgasbord of Microsoft Self Serve BI at TechEd 2014 - Last week in Houston Texas, Microsoft held TechEd 2014 (North America, 12-15 May). I was browsing the videos from this conference and wanted to share the wealth of material that is available for anyone to view. If you just filter on the “Data Platform and Business Intelligence stream“, there are over 40 sessions focussed on […] Read More