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New version of Power Query released by Microsoft

Microsoft has announced a new version of Power Query on the MSDN blog this week. There is a full decscription of the new features available at the following link, however I have provided a summary of the key features I am looking forward to.
Power Query

Features and Benefits

New FeatureWhat it means to you
Improved connectivity to Excel Data in other workbooksIt is now much easier to connect to named ranges and tables in other workbooks
Preserve custom formattingPreviously when you refreshed the data into the worksheet all your formatting of that table was wiped out. This is now fixed.
Remove bottom rowsThis is now as easy as remove top rows. Previously this required a formula.
New stats features for columnsNow you can add a new or custom column and use statistical formula (ie sum/avg etc) to create new data.
Change order of QueriesThis used to be a real pain. The order of the queries in the workbook was fixed and you couldn’t order them logically – eg in process step order. This is now fixed.

These are just some of the new features – there are many more. But these are the ones I like the most.

What do others think?

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