Power Pivot Forum now supports DAX Formatter.

Power Pivot Forum now supports DAX Formatter

Well Power Pivot Forum has been live for 8 months now and has over 100 users, more than 400 posts and many thousands of page views. The Power Pivot forum continues to grow as new users are finding the need for help with their DAX problem.

Recently one of the forum members (xChillout) suggested that I take advantage of the API written for DAX Formatter.com to improve the experience. Basically this API allows you to send a DAX Formula over the Internet direct to DAX Formatter. DAX Formatter then runs its magic over the code, validates it is correct (or incorrect), and then sends a nicely formatted version of the DAX code back to the sender.

I have now integrated this into the forum so that anyone reading DAX Code posted by others will find it easier to read and understand.

So now at Power Pivot Forum you can type in some DAX code like this

DAX Wrappers

And DAX Formatter will send it back like this.

Just click on the “Preview” button to make sure your code is valid before hitting submit.


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