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River Murray Floods 2022 Data/Power BI Report

One thing I tell people over and over again, is that if you want to learn to be good using Power BI, you have to practice. One of the best ways to practice is to find a topic you are interested in and build something useful.

River Murray Floods 2022 Data

One topic that is close to my heart is the current floods here in Australia on the River Murray. I am fortunate to be part of a family that owns a modest holiday house on the River Murray, at Big Bend in South Australia. It is a beautiful location right on the water.

This is great most of the time, but not so good during a flood!

Power BI Report River Murray Floods

I have built a Power BI report that extracts data from various sources and builds a useful tool to track the progress of the floods. You can share the link to this report using this short code xbi.com.au/river

I have also embedded the report here.

My Data Analysis on Video

I have produced a series of videos that contain my analysis of what is happening in the floods. If you watch some of these videos, you will also see how the report has evolved since my first video. This is absolutely normal. When you first build a report, you tend to build what you think you need. Once you start using a report, you work out what you actually need.  I will be sharing a few video updates each week, so subscribe to my YouTube Channel if you want to be alerted to those updates.

Tips and Tricks from this Report

I am not planning on sharing this PBIX file – I have put hours and hours of effort into building this and I want to keep it as my own IP. What I will do, however is share with my readers and viewers many of the tricks and techniques I used to build this report. I will do this in bite sized chunks over the coming weeks, so keep your eye out for the updates here on my blog.

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