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When to use Power Query/M vs Data Modelling/DAX

Ken Puls and I decided we would do a live stream chat to talk about a topic of interest to Power BI people.  We put out a survey and 75% of the respondents wanted to hear about “when to use Power Query/M vs Data Modelling/DAX”.  It’s a really interesting topic and nothing that I have blogged about extensively in the past.  I think the live chat format worked really well.  Here is the video if you would like to watch.

3 thoughts on “When to use Power Query/M vs Data Modelling/DAX”

  1. Hey thanks Matt & Ken that was a gem of a discussion, well done, really enjoyed and got a lot from this!

  2. Very interesting topic and great vlog, I have researched it else where found out much the same as Matt and Ken were saying.

  3. Dear Mr. Matt Alington,
    Recently I am reading the book Supercharge Power BI. And I am eagering to get knowledge and skills from the book.
    But I found I can’t download the sample data(The fictious retail bicyle data) . Would you please send the data by email?

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