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Extending Power BI With R Visuals - Level: Intermediate Matt: This is the second one in a series of articles from Parker Stevens. In this article he talks about using R with Power BI. If you missed his first article “Introduction to DirectQuery” you can read it here. Parker: Power BI comes with a ton of built-in features but eventually you might […] Read More
Use Power Query to Compare Database Records - Level: Intermediate I was helping a user on this week. The user had a list of service desk tickets for multiple customers and the requirement was to identify when a customer opened a second new ticket within 7 days of closing a previous ticket.  This is not an uncommon scenario so I thought it would […] Read More
Power Query to Combine Web Pages - Level: Intermediate There was an interesting question this week on asking if there was a smarter way to user Power Query over multiple identical web pages to scrape the data in a single query.  I have been meaning to blog about this for a while, so it is a great opportunity for a mini-Friday […] Read More
Using SharePoint Enterprise with Power Pivot - As regular readers of my blog would know, I attended the PASS Business Analyst Conference in Santa Clara California this year (April 2015).  Here is the link for next year if you are interested.  While I was there, I had the pleasure of presenting on one of my favourite topics – how to use SharePoint […] Read More
Use Simple SQL to Manage your data in Power Pivot - When I started learning Power Pivot, I learnt there are 2 ways to import data. There is the “standard way” that uses the table import wizard – good for us Excel folk. There is a second way that uses the Query Editor to write some SQL code and extract the data you need direct from […] Read More
PowerPivot Training Australia
powerpivot(pro) University Australian Training Dates - Powerpivot(pro) University has now arrived in Australia.  I have scheduled PowerPivot training classes for Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney in late Oct and early Nov this year. This PowerPivot for Excel training was developed by one of the best Rob Collie has spent almost 20 years dedicated to Microsoft Excel with most of the last 10 […] Read More
powerpivot(pro) University Australia
Rob Collie’s powerpivot(pro) University coming to Australia - Next week is going to be a really exciting week for me – I am off to Cleveland Ohio to participate in this powerpivot(pro) University training course hosted by Rob Collie.  The primary purpose of my trip is to become accredited in the delivery of Rob’s world-renowned approach to teaching PowerPivot for Excel. I first stumbled upon […] Read More