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Using SharePoint Enterprise with Power Pivot

As regular readers of my blog would know, I attended the PASS Business Analyst Conference in Santa Clara California this year (April 2015).  Here is the link for next year if you are interested.  While I was there, I had the pleasure of presenting on one of my favourite topics – how to use SharePoint to share Power Pivot workbooks.

SharePoint Enterprise is very powerful, but there are some things that I think you need to do to make it a positive user experience.  My presentation covers what I have learnt over the last few years on this topic.  My objective is always to get away from the generic look and feel (shown on the left below) and instead deliver a optimised web browsing experience (shown on the right below).


I have now made a video of my presentation available online to anyone that would like to watch it.

If you want to take a look at the online demo website, here is the link.

Download the Materials

You can download the materials I refer to in the presentation here too. The download includes

  1. A copy of the presentation document
  2. The CSS code I use to improve the look and feel
  3. The Javascript shown in the video
  4. The SharePoint Master File that re-positions the site logos to save space.

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