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Correcting Source Data in Power BI

This article continues to build on my COVID Case Fatality Rate report for Australia. Something happened with the global source data this week – in short, it was wrong. This is a global database and I am sure there are many people diligently trying to keep the data up to date and accurate. But sometimes things go wrong, so what do you do? In the video today, I show you one way to correct data when you don’t have control of the source.

I used the approach covered in the video because the data is simple and the effort for this quick fix is low.  There is another approach that is more effort and is ideal when the data are more complex  you can read that article here

Here’s The Video

2 thoughts on “Correcting Source Data in Power BI”

  1. A very helpful article. Thank you for a large dose of practical tricks.
    As for improving the report:
    COVID is different in each country. The intensity of the disease affects different periods in different countries, hence the phases have different beginnings. For example, the graph for the UK has completely different phases than for Australia. But changing the dates for the phases is quite a tedious process in the current model. Now the phase boundaries are hardly defined in the calendar table. Perhaps there is a way to set them dynamically. For example, on the basis of slizers adjusted manually depending on the shape of the graph.

    1. I totally agree with you. I did have this on my list for a future article, but then I started to work on the Australian only data and never came back to it. It is a challenging problem. I had some ideas to add some sliders to allow you to set the dates, but as I said – I dropped it. I think the best solution is to remove the phased data for the global data.

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