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Free Webinar: Introduction to DAX for Power BI

UPDATE: Below is a registration link for access to the Webinar.

On 2 October I will be hosting a free webinar called “Introduction to DAX for Power BI”. I have trained literally thousands of people on the DAX language through my books, online training and live training. But everyone is on their own learning journey and there are many people just starting out. If you are early on your journey, then this webinar could be for you.

One thing I find when I teach people is that early on they are simply not clear why they need to learn the DAX language at all. This webinar will cover that question and also get you started on your own journey.

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Anyone is welcome to join the call however it will be targeted to beginners. If you are an experience DAX user, then there probably won’t be anything in it for you. However, if you know someone that you are trying to convince to take the journey, then it probably is for them – so please pass it on.

You can check your local time for the webinar here and register for the webinar here at If the time zone doesn’t suit you, please register anyway and I will send you a link to a recoding of the session.

After registering, please keep an eye out for an invitation place holder for your diary. The exact details on how to connect to the webinar will be sent out a few days prior to the event, once I confirm final numbers.

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Registration for the video LINK

9 thoughts on “Free Webinar: Introduction to DAX for Power BI”

  1. I registered for the event, but I knew I was not going to be able to attend because of time conflicts, but a prior email said if we registered we would be sent a link to view the webex at our leisure. I have not yet received the link.

  2. I’m one of the people low on the learning curve for the whole “Power” tools in Excel thing.

    One question I hope you answer is how does DAX in PowerBI relate to DAX in PowerPivot/PowerQuery (cuss MS for their stupid name games). As I understand, they are the same.

    1. Don’t start me on naming from MS.

      Power BI has 2 engines, Power Query and another one that doesn’t have a name inside Power BI (but it is the same as Analysis Services Tabular and Power Pivot).

      The Power Query “engine” or “application” is basically the same in Power BI and Power Query for Excel.

      The language of Analysis Services Tabular/Power Pivot is DAX. The language of Power Query is M.

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