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Skillwave.Training is bigger and better than ever

Well I am pretty excited to let you know that we (Ken Puls, Miguel Escobar and I) have launched our brand new website for Skillwave.Training. We are dedicated to providing you with the best possible learning experience and have completely revamped the look and feel of our website. We also have a brand new learning experience for those enrolled in our courses. We still have our free course Power BI Fundamentals, so you can try out the new learning experience to see what it is like.

One of my favourite new features is the private forum; this close forum is for all members with an active paid subscription. More on that later.

Here is a quick overview.

What is Skillwave.Training?

We aim to make Skillwave.Training one of the best, high quality, learning resources for Power BI and Excel.  We only allow high quality individuals to create training content so that you know you are learning properly.  To date we have training that covers Excel, Power Query, Dimensional Modelling and also Excel.  We have 2 exciting new courses in the pipeline – the first one will be released next week.  No hints, but all I can say is RH.

New Home Page

You can see the overall look and feel from the home page.

New Learning Experience

When you purchase a course, you will have a brand new user account experience. Whenever you login to your account on the Skillwave Training, you will be automatically taken to your Dashboard where you can find all the information about your purchases, subscriptions, account details, etc., as shown below.

If you are enrolled in a training course, you will see these listed in the My Courses area. Clicking the button next to the course will take you into our brand new course player, where you can watch the videos (#1 below), download the support files for that lesson/course (#2 below) and participate in the discussion of the course forum (#3 below). The discussions for each lesson are now tightly integrated with the forum, so we can help you with your questions, and you can also participate by learning from others.

The Private Forum

Forums are a great place to learn. You learn by asking questions but you can also learn by answering questions. One of the most active forums is But forums have a dark downside. You are getting free help but the quality of that help is not always great. One of the differences between our premium forum and other free forums is that we guarantee the quality of the answers. That doesn’t mean that it is only Ken, Miguel and me that will give answers – far from it. We encourage everyone to help out each other. The difference is that Ken, Miguel and I will be validating the responses so you know which answers are best practice.

The access to our private discussion forums is a key change in the new site. Previously you only had access to the forum related to your course. Now you have access to all of the forums. You can ask any related questions and someone will answer for you. If it is not Ken, Miguel or me, you will still know if the answer is good because the best answers will be flagged. You can and should therefore answer other questions as a way of developing your skills. We will also be using good questions as a source of ideas for new lessons to extend our training courses.
We believe this new forum community will be an invaluable resource to all of our students, and really sets Skillwave apart from other online learning platforms.

Skillwave Website Overview

Check out this video that walks you through the new platform: Skillwave Website Overview. If you haven’t already checked out Skillwave.Training, now is a great time to do so. Sign up for Power Query Fundamentals and see what you think.

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