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Supercharge Power BI 3rd Edition

I am proud and excited to announce that I have again updated my best-selling DAX book Supercharge Power BI, now in its 3rd edition.

This book as a long history:

  • First released back in Sept 2015 under the title “Learn to Write DAX”.
  • Updated in June 2018 (2nd editions) in 2 versions with new names, Supercharge Power BI and Supercharge Excel.  The idea was that people could learn using DAX in Power BI, or DAX in Power Pivot for Excel.
  • And now the 3rd edition – the official release date is 1st April 2021.

You can access the book now as a paperback in my shop (Australia only) and also as an eBook (globally available).

What’s new in the 3rd Edition?

The 3rd edition is the best version yet. I have been teaching DAX since 2014 via face-to-face live training classes, live online training classes, video-on-demand training, and my own books and blog articles. We are all on a journey of continuous learning and improvement. Over the years, I have learnt more about the DAX language and also learnt new and better ways to explain the concepts to those who are just starting out. This 3rd edition of my book provides the same structured learning experience as the previous editions but has been updated with my latest teaching techniques and some new chapters.

Supercharge Power BI 3rd edition has the following improvements as compared to the second edition(s).

  • This latest version contains around 100 additional pages of content.
  • I have updated many of the chapters with my latest teaching techniques that make DAX easy to understand and write.
  • All the images have been updated to the Jan 2021 version of Power BI desktop.
  • There are two new chapters
    • Variables in DAX
    • RANKX() and TOPN()
  • I have updated the sample data base – Adventure Works to Adventure Works for the year 2020.
  • I added a DAX functions list as an Appendix.

Table of Contents

Here is the table of contents

Purchase Options

Paperback Books

You can purchase the Paperback from

  • My shop
    (ships within Australia only) – *see bonus offer detailed below.
  • You can pre-order the book from Amazon USA and also most other Global Amazon stores.

Bonus Offer*: If you purchase the paperback from my shop, you will receive a DRM free copy of both the eBooks (Supercharge Power and Supercharge Excel) at no extra charge (immediate download). Sorry, this offer is not available from Amazon.

Digital Books

I sell the digital edition of my book globally from my shop. When you purchase from my shop you will also receive a copy of Supercharge Excel (2nd edition) at no extra charge. here are 3 file formats including a PDF (for your PC) and also a MOBI format (for Kindle).

Alternatively, you can purchase the Kindle edition from Amazon.

Do You Want More Guided Learning?

If you want to get a quick start on Power BI and run faster to meet your career objectives, I offer many structured learning options to help you along your Power BI journey.

Download the Sample Database

You can download the sample Adventure Works 2020 database here so that you can complete the practice exercises in the book.

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