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I’m Presenting at SQL Saturday Melbourne and Sydney

I’m presenting again this year at SQL Saturday Melbourne (30th June 2018) and Sydney (7th July 2018).  My topic this year will be “DAX as a Query Language“.

What is SQL Saturday?

SQL Saturday is an annual 1 day event that is held in many cities around the world.  It is a day when SQL professionals take a day out of there weekend to come and hear speakers talk on a wide range of topics of interest.  This has historically been an IT professionals day, but increasingly I see people business people that are interested in Power BI and also interested in learning about SQL Server coming along too.

My Session Overview

Most readers of my site already know that DAX is the data modelling language of Power Pivot, Power BI and SSAS Tabular, and many of you already use these tools to produce reports and dashboards.  But did you know that these tools also have their own query language?  In traditional databases such as SQL server, it is possible to extract data into a new table. The same is possible using DAX as a query language within a tabular data model.

At my SQL Saturday sessions, I will introduce the topic and show how to use DAX Studio to connect to a data model to write queries that interrogate the data itself (as opposed to simply aggregating the values into a pivot table or a Power BI report).  The learning can then be used to help write more complex DAX measures or alternatively it can be used to extract tabular data directly into a table for further analysis.

Conference Schedule

You can find the conference schedule here:

How to Register?

Registrations are still open for both the conferences:

You can Sign Up for SQLSaturday  – Melbourne 2018 @ https://www.sqlsaturday.com/769/RegisterNow.aspx

You can Sign Up for SQLSaturday – Sydney 2018 @ https://www.sqlsaturday.com/771/RegisterNow.aspx

I hope to meet some of you at one of these SQL Saturday sessions.

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