My Supercharge Excel and Supercharge Power BI Books Available on Amazon

After what seems like a lifetime of waiting for the paperback book economy to tick its required boxes, both of my new books Supercharge Excel and Supercharge Power BI are now available to ship to most countries in the world from This is a good opportunity for me to clarify how these new books are different from my original and to let you know how you can purchase them.

Supercharge Excel

Supercharge Excel: When You Learn to Write DAX for Power Pivot is the second edition of my original book Learn to Write DAX.

This updated version covers the same learning experience and exercises as covered in my first book but is updated using Excel 2016. This book teaches readers how to get the most out of Power Pivot for Excel 2016 by learning the DAX language. If you have already read Learn to Write DAX, there will not be much new content in this book for you.  Of course if you want an updated version and/or want to repeat the exercises, then it could be good for you. If you are already competent in the DAX content from my first book, then there is no need to read this book.

Supercharge Excel is the sister book to my other new book Supercharge Power BI.  These books cover the same learning curriculum and exercises but use different user interfaces. Supercharge Excel focuses on DAX using Power Pivot for Microsoft Excel 2016, while Supercharge Power BI has been re-written using Power BI Desktop as the user interface.

Supercharge Power BI

My other new book Supercharge Power BI: Power BI is Better When you Learn to Write DAX  in a way is also the second edition of my original book Learn to Write DAX, but this time is has been re-written to teach you using Power BI Desktop.

Bonus Free eBook When You Buy Direct

Both of these new books cover the same learning material as my first book, just using the different software tools.  For this reason when you purchase one of these new eBooks directly from me or, I am bundling a free copy of the other new eBook for no extra charge. See below for purchase details.

Sorry, I can’t make this offer available for purchases from Amazon.

Purchase Options for the Books

Supercharge Excel

Supercharge Excel: When You Learn to Write DAX for Power Pivot is now available for purchase:

Note: I expect to be shipping the paperback in Australia before the end of June 2018.

Supercharge Power BI

Supercharge Power BI – Power BI is Better When You Learn to Write DAX is now available for purchase:



    • Thanks Bill 🙂 I would appreciate a review on if you are so inclined. That way others that could benefit from my book will be able to find it off of your recommendation.

  1. Hi Matt,
    Hope all is well. Thank you for writing “Supercharge Power BI”, I am really enjoying it reading. Currently I am at topic 11: IF(), SWITCH(), and FIND(). I am trying to calculate a column for Mountain Products (page # 11) using the following formula as given in the book:

    Mountain Products = FIND(“Mountain”, Products[ModelName] ,1,0)

    However, I am getting an error: “A single value for column ‘ModelName’ in table ‘Products’ cannot be determined. This can happen when a measure formula refers to a column that contains many values without specifying an aggregation such as min, max, count, or sum to get a single result.”

    I have used this FIND() function in Excel also and I know it’s not that complicated. But here I am not sure why it needs an expression (a formula or measure). I can see the column name “ModelName” in “Products” table. While

    I am typing in the formula, the Intellisense does not offer me the list of tables in second argument – Within Text. IntelliSense only shows me the list of Functions and Measures for “Within Text” argument.

    I would appreciate your help on this. Thanks.


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