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Two Number Formats, One Column – WHAT!

Back in 2016, I created this idea at I wanted to be able to have 2 different number formats in the same column in Power BI. This is particularly useful for things like a P&L report, but it is also useful for other types of reports. Doing this in Excel is dead easy, but it’s not easy in Power BI.

There are a couple of tricks that can be used to solve this problem. You can use a switch measure and format the output at text, or you can use Calculation Groups. Both involve complex DAX and both have their limitations.

If you have been reading my blogs lately, you would know that I am working for Lumel on their custom visual InfoRiver. It occurred to me that the “Spreadsheet Like” capabilities of InfoRiver can solve this problem really easily. Rather than me write about it, I recorded this short 4 min video demo to show how it works.

Video Demo

InfoRiver Premium Custom Visual

InfoRiver is not a free custom visual, but keep in mind that you get what you pay for.  I think the pricing is very reasonable.  You will need professional or higher to get this feature.  There is a very powerful pricing calculator available here so you can work out how much it will cost.  In the illustration below, if you have 50 people consuming the report and 1 report author, the price is $3.61 per user per month.  And there are a lot more capabilities than what I have shown here today.  Let me know what you think of this feature in the comments below.

InfoRiver Pricing

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  1. Very impressive what they are creating for Power Bi by this professional visuals… unfortunately it’s a visual “pay to use”, but at least the users have a professional solution…

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