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Supercharge Power BI 3rd Edition Live Webinar

To celebrate the release of the third edition of my book Supercharge Power BI, I plan to hold a live webinar this coming Thursday pm (US time), Friday morning Australia/NZ time. Sorry, it will be very late for Europe.  I plan to cover 1 topic from my book, and I am asking you (my subscribers) to pick the topic.

Here are the five choices (with a brief abstract)

1. New Chapter: RANKX() and TOPN()

This is a new chapter not covered in my other books. I will talk about what is similar and different with these functions, and how to  use them.

2. Variables in DAX()

Variables have been around a long time, but many people don’t know how to use them, nor how they can make DAX easier to read, write and debug. I will cover all you need to know.

3. Multiple data tables

I normally teach using Adventure Works, but this is a very simple database with a single data table. What if you have more than 1 data table – then what?  I will cover what you need to know.

4. Simplified Evaluation Contexts Language

This is one of the hardest topics to learn.  I will cover my simplified language that I use to explain the topics in my new book, then let’s see if it makes any more sense.

5. Calculated Columns compared to SUMX() and FILTER()

One of the techniques I use in my book is how to use Calculated Columns to learn how SUMX() and FILTER() work.  This is one of my favourite things in my new book.

Vote and Register Here

If you would like to vote (and register) to attend this session, please click this  link.

Those that register will receive an email 24 hours before the event with the details to connect to the webinar. See below for the times.  Click the image to see the time in your location.

Webinar Time

Hope to see you there.

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