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VBA to Insert a Power Pivot Table

When Power Pivot was originally released by Microsoft, it was introduced as a Plug-In to Excel 2010.  After the second version of the Plug-In was built and released, the Microsoft Build team moved its focus to writing the product into the 2013 release of MS Office.  Unfortunately they ran out […]

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Save your SharePoint Password on iPad

I am a big believer that the browsing experience must be seamless before real world users will fully embrace PowerPivot when mobile. The Standard SharePoint iPad Experience One of my biggest issues up until now has been the inability to save your SharePoint UserName and Password on the iPad. When […]

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How to access PowerPivot on iPad

One thing I find when working with my customers and meeting PowerPivot users is that a lot of people want to know how to access PowerPivot when they are mobile.  Most frequently people want to access PowerPivot reports on iPad, however in many cases just presenting data for PC users […]

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