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What is DAX

I have written a series of articles over the last few years including: What is Power BI What is Power Query What is Power Pivot But I have never written an article about the DAX language, so I thought I would cover this off today. What is DAX? DAX is […]

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PQL – Pronounced Peequel

Back in February 2016, I was tweeting with some others about the need for a new name for the Power Query Formula Language.  I came up with the name PQL, pronounced Peequel and made a suggestion to this effect at ideas.powerbi.com.  This post today is to explain why a name […]

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Tidy Up Power Query

I have been doing a lot of work with Power Query for clients in recent months. It is not always obvious exactly what you need to do when you start writing a Power Query. As a result I have found that the Power Query workbooks tend to “evolve” during the […]

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