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What Our Training Participants are Saying ...

Power BI for the Business Analyst

It was an excellent course and I am implementing my learnings already!

Laura F

Your course is really great value compared to any other courses I have done before.

Mark C

Thx Jason for the training it was very helpful

Javier F

Thank you for organising our first training. I found it extremely useful as well as interactive and looking forward to learning from you in days to come.

Natasha S

    Thanks very much, I thought the training was fantastic! Also really helpful to have a hard copy of the book.

    Jess S

      I enjoyed Matt’s class and learnt a lot.

      Ashley Xu

      I attended a Power BI workshop with Matt in April.

      The handbook that was sent to us, is incredibly helpful and has some wonderful concepts to keep us going. Many thanks.

      Natasha S

      Thank you very much for very successful training that you organised and conducted.

      We have received very positive feedback from our colleagues about the content of the course, the pace of the delivery and the style of the training.

      I appreciate the huge amount of quality materials that is shared with our participants and me which could be the great reference point and the source for more information.

      The organisation and the communication, including the speed of the response, were exceptional.

      We have no doubts that acquired knowledge and techniques will significantly help our company in our Power BI journey, producing the proper reporting solutions and engaging more people to this journey.

      I wish Excelerator BI only success in the future, and hope to be in touch at some point.

      Julia S

      Matt, Thanks again for the training that’s been provided so far. I’ve gotten a lot of value out of it and look forward to the Intermediate sessions booked in the coming weeks. We are interested in having a one hour video prepared for our senior leaders to provide end user awareness and self-service capability.

      Karen D


          Thank you for the training.

          My whole team’s gone through your training now and they’ve all mentioned how good it is.

          It was good to see Amatil alumni making a mark in this space as well.

          Eric C

            Thanks for the amazing session and I really enjoyed it. At no point I felt there was any challenge of doing it online.

            Divyesh S

            Pbi Ba Onl Live

            Adv Dax Onl LiveAdvanced DAX training

            Matt, I have had some excellent feedback about your training.

            Thanks again

            — Paul S

            Supercharge Power Bi Online TrainingSupercharge Power BI Online Training

            You are a legend 👍

            Thank you so much for your great support, and all user scenarios we go thru help a lot in our dashboarding capabilities.

            THANK YOU, I love your training.

            Roy D

            Really enjoyed this class and got a lot out of it.

            Todd S

            Wow, The certificate really adds value to my IT contracting carrier.

            I really enjoyed the training. Most importantly I managed to discuss my real-life problems and learn from others’ queries too.

            You are a great trainer.

            –Roy D

            Thanks for a valuable course.  I am already applying some of the learnings at work although I am still flummoxed by context evaluation!!!  I will persevere!

            –Daniel B

            Thank you very much for the brilliant course.

            –Svetla K

            072419 2304 Mynewblog1.pngSupercharge Power BI Book

            I actually reference your book in my training as a great starter book for Dax. It’s easier than Marco and Alberto, yet provides sound foundations to build Dax skills on.,,

            Matt, First of all, you are a great writer.  I loved the materials I downloaded.  I aspire to master Power BI. 

            –Bryan C

            Blog Subscribers

            The reason I’m subscribing to your website is because you are sharing a mine of precious information and also because I admire your work and the way you simplify and provide the knowledge you have. You work and devotion to the PBI community are amazing and a source of inspiration for me.

            –Mehdi H

            What Our Training Participants are Saying ...

            What Our Training Participants are Saying ...

            What Our Training Participants are Saying ...

            What Our Training Participants are Saying ...

            What Our Training Participants are Saying ...

            What Our Training Participants are Saying ...

            What Our Training Participants are Saying ...

            Power BI for the Business Analyst Training

            Pbi Ba Onl Live

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