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Introduction to DirectQuery - Level: Intermediate to Advanced Matt here.  I recently met Parker Stevens online through LinkedIn – he too is a Power BI fan, just like me.  Parker has shared a few techniques with me that I found very interesting.  These topics have not been covered on my blog before and hence I thought it was a […] Read More
What is DAX - I have written a series of articles over the last few years including: What is Power Pivot What is Power Query What is Power BI But I have never written an article about the DAX language, so I thought I would cover this off today. What is DAX? DAX is an acronym for Data Analysis […] Read More
PQL – Pronounced Peequel - Back in February 2016, I was tweeting with some others about the need for a new name for the Power Query Formula Language.  I came up with the name PQL, pronounced Peequel and made a suggestion to this effect at  This post today is to explain why a name change is required, and to […] Read More
Convert a Cell Value into a Column with Power Query - Level: Advanced Power Query I am in the process of finalising some action items after a great Power BI, Power Pivot and Power Query training course in Melbourne.  During the training we looked at a scenario for one of the attendees where they needed to combine data from multiple Excel files into 1 big table.  I have […] Read More
M is for Data Monkey - Digital Edition
M is for Data Monkey Book Review - The long awaited book from Ken Puls and Miguel Escobar has just been released in digital edition.  I read this book over the weekend and wanted to share my experience with anyone considering buying this book or wanting to learn more about Power Query. This book is 220+ pages of Power Query information that covers […] Read More
Tidy Up Power Query - I have been doing a lot of work with Power Query for clients in recent months. It is not always obvious exactly what you need to do when you start writing a Power Query. As a result I have found that the Power Query workbooks tend to “evolve” during the process, and they can sometimes […] Read More
Excel Keeps Crashing? Check your VBA code - I use Excel 2013 64 bit and sometimes Excel just keeps crashing on me.  It used to happen to me a lot more in the past, but after I discovered what was causing the repeat behaviour I have been able to greatly reduce how often this occurs. First a description of the problem If this […] Read More
Solved: Power Query Issues with Power Pivot – Exception from HRESULT: 0x80020009 - level: Intermediate I have written a couple of posts here and here about the problems and dangers of using Power Query with Power Pivot.  Well I am very pleased to say that I now fully understand the problem, how it is caused and how it can be avoided. Edit: Nov ’15.  Microsoft has released a […] Read More